Alphabetical List of 74 Officers and Men of the Brig Resistance (August 1777)

The Alphabetical List of 74 Officers and Men of the Brig Resistance is derived from a “List of Men belonging to the Brige Resistance” dated 31 August 1777 at New London, CT found on pages 855 and 856 in Volume 9 of Naval Documents of the American Revolution (1986). That source indicates the original document can be found in Packet 149 of the “Nathaniel and Thomas Shaw Letters and Papers” located at the New London County Historical Society. The list has been edited to offer a complete spelling of the abbreviated Christian name in order to assist internet browsing. The list has also been edited to include the descriptive rate or quality as abbreviated in the muster record to assist those not familiar with shipboard titles. For example, Ordry is edited to read Ordry Seaman, an abbreviated form of ordinary seaman or OS. Ab is edited to read Ab Seaman, an abbreviated form of able-bodied seaman or AB. The difference between the two is experience at sea, the able-bodied seaman being more proficient at sailing duties. Interestingly, the list is described as including 75 officers and men in NDAR despite the absence of any name in position number 12.

Christopher Allen, Ordry Seaman
Jonathan Averell, Surgeon’s Mate
Robert Brand, Marine
Charles Brown, Ordry Seaman
Daniel Brown, Midshipman
Hugh Brown, Boatswain’s Mate
Joseph Brown, Boy
Martin Burkeed, Taylor
Samuel Cardwell, Master’s Mate
John Chasezary, Ordry Seaman
George Champlin, 2nd Lieutenant
Jeremiah Chapman, Mr
Samuel Cheeney, Y PR
William Cheeney, Carpenter
Samuel Chew, Captain
Titus Cinement, Ab Seaman
Jacob Cleveland, Sailing Master
John Cobbett, Midshipman
John Coit, Ordry Seaman
Ebenezar Colefax, Master’s Mate
Samuel Cook, Ordry Seaman
Francois Corboll, Ab Seaman
Elisha Culver, Ordry Seaman
Samuel Culver, Cook
Jesse Daniel, Ordry Seaman
Peter Darrow, Ordry Seaman
John Denning, Ab Seaman
Pierre Dubois, Master at Arms
John Edwards Boatswain’s Mate
William Fagan, Ab Seaman
William Feilding, Steward
Silas Free, Ordry Seaman
William Hascal, Midshipman (Supernumerary- having Served during the winter)
Thomas Hewet, Ordry Seaman
David Holt, Cooper
Jesse Jacocks, Midshipman (Supernumerary- having Served during the winter)
Keeff, Marine
Peter Langden, Armourer
Carry Latham, Ordry Seaman
David Latham, Midshipman
Joseph Latham, Ordry Seaman
Ebenezar Ledyard, Captain’s Clerk
William Leeds, 1st Lieutenant
Thomas Manly, Quartermaster
Christopher Masure, Ab Seaman
Joseph Miller, Ordry Seaman
Jean Moleen, Ab Seaman
William Morgan, Ab Seaman
John Morris, Ab Seaman
Andrew Newcomb, Pilot
Robert Newson, Boatswain
John Nickerson, Ab Seaman
Michael Nugent, Ab Seaman
Phinehas Packhurst, Surgeon
Aaron Perkins, Carpenter’s Mate
William Pitman, Ab Seaman
David Roberts, Gunner
Florence Seels, Ab Seaman
Cyrus Shoals, Corporal of Marines
Samuel Simmons, Ordry Seaman
Jabez Smith, Lieutenant of Marines
Barzilia Spalding, Fifer
Elias Swan, Lieutenant of Marines
Enos Tew, Ab Seaman
John Tucker, Quartermaster
Nichola Bon Valli, Ab Seaman
Gilbert Veal, Coxswain
Robert Verden, Gunner’s Mate
Partrick Ward, Midshipman
Mathew Warren, Ab Seaman
Waterford, Ab Seaman
Jonathan Weeks, Boy
Abraham Wickwire, Boy
Nehemiah Williams, Steward’s Mate

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