Confederacy Men entered into British Service on HMS Roebuck (April 1781)

List of Men from the “rebel prize Frigate Confederacy” captured on 14 April 1781 and entered that day into British service on the roll of the HMS Roebuck (ADM 36/8644) transcribed at the National Archives in Kew, England by Joseph and Joshua Ross in February 2014. All were entered as able-bodied seamen. Men marked with an * asterisk were subsequently entered on the ship’s book of HMS Chatham on 2 July 1781. Man marked with a + sign was noted runaway at New York on 16 June 1781.

Hy Gillinger
Jno Founds
Jno Mowles
Wm Still
Thos Spencer
Jas Harvey
Andw Edwards
Jas Hall
Jno Effrern
Jno Knight *
John Ross *
Jno Thompson
Alex Reive *
Ro”t Basto
Geo Vanblacken *
Michl Brady
Jas Bethy *
Thos Raydon
Jno Raydon Walker *
Jno Appleby
Phi’p Robson
Jno Rigby *
Wm Potter +
Geo Capstick
Jno Jones *
Cato Black *
Thos Brown *
Wm McGloughlan
Wm Ross
Joseph Nichols *
Thos Vick *
Thos Harris

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