Roll of Men Entered on Board Ship Trumbull (12/14/1776 – 2/27/1777)

The Roll of Men Entered on Board Ship Trumbull was transcribed by Joseph Ross in 2016. This list of 23 men is included in a bound group of ledger sheets for the ships Alfred and Trumbull which was sold as Lot 181 at Northeast Auctions on 20 August 2016. One of approximately 34 pages of various documents compiled together as a string-bound journal and marked on the cover John Cotton, Esq. Cotton was the builder of the ship Trumbull and the bound journal is believed to have belonged to Dudley Saltonstall, captain of the Continental Navy ships Alfred, Trumbull and Warren. An Alphabetical List of the Roll of Men Entered on Board Ship Trumbull derived from this document follows the transcript to assist in internet browsing.

Roll of Men Entered on Board Ship Trumbull
Time of Entry      Names                   Quality     Wag[es] p[er] Mo[nth]
Dec’r 14, 1776 John Brown
”     16     ”        John Brice              A.Seam              L 2.8        Certificate given 17 Feb’r
”     16     ”        Hez’h Shaylor              ”                       2.8         Certif given 17 March
”     16     ”        Ezra Shalyor                ”                       2.8         Certificate given 22 Mar
”     18     ”        Lemuel Smith              ”                       2.8         Certificate given 15 ”
”     18               Eleazor Tredwell         ”                       2.8                       ”              15 ”
”     24               Richard Cockran         ”                       2.8          Run
”     24               Robert Saunders        ”                        2.8         Certificate given
”                        Jacob White              1st Mate             4.10
”                        Jonath Gaylord        Carpenter          4.10
”     29               Robert Sloan             Blacks                9
Jan  1, 1777      Thomas Cattlin            do
Dec 18, 177[6]  John Diver                                             2.8         Certificate given 17 Mar
”      2      ”         Perez Chapman       A. Seam          8 dollars   Ent for ye Cruize, Run
”     16     ”         Elisha Bennett          2nd Mate      15 dollars   Came on board ye 16 Jan. 1777
‘                          Samuel Stow           Midship
Feb. 26, 1777    Isaac Knaps             Seam
”       ”                 James Knaps             do
”       ”                 Thomas Johnson       do
”       ”                 Aron White                do
”       ”                 Gad a Negro               do                                      Daniel Peterson
‘                           Aurther Robertson  Miship’n
Feb. 27, 1777    Noah Brooks              Seam

Alphabetical List of the Roll of Men Entered on Board Ship Trumbull
Elisha Bennett, 2nd Mate
John Brice, Able Seaman
Noah Brooks, Seaman
John Brown
Thomas Cattlin, Blacksmith
Perez Chapman, Able Seaman
Richard Cockran, Able Seaman
John Diver
Jonathan Gaylord, Carpenter
Thomas Johnson, Seaman
Isaac Knaps, Seaman
James Knaps, Seaman
Daniel Peterson aka Gad a Negro, Seaman
Arther Robertson, Midshipman
Robert Saunders, Able Seaman
Ezra Shalyor, Able Seaman
Hezekiah Shaylor, Able Seaman
Robert Sloan, Blacksmith
Lemuel Smith, Able Seaman
Samuel Stow, Midshipman
Eleazor Tredwell, Able Seaman
Aaron White, Seaman
Jacob White, 1st Mate



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