Frigate Confederacy – Construction Crew List (1777-1779)

Frigate Confederacy Shipyard Pay Slips- August 1777 to November 1777 (Folders 12 & 13)
Returns approved by Gurdon Bill [Lieutenant of Marines]

William Beckwith [also on Boat Builders’ & Top Builders’ Returns, Midshipman]
Josiah Morris (multiple)
Jared Gibbons (multiple)
Patrick Davory or Droise (multiple)
Elisha Sanford
Nathaniel Avery
Simeon Helme (multiple)
James Mills
Simeon Adams (multiple)
Jonathan Johnson (multiple)
Obediah Howell
Sylvester Bowers (multiple)
Polladore Bowen
Dennis O’Brian
John Stillman (multiple)
Aaron Roberts
Nathaniel Fellows
William Fellows
William Jackson
William Billing
David Culver
Reuben Potter (multiple)
Stephen Lewis (multiple)
Josiah Armington
Phillip Horsewell
Lemiel Bowers
Julius Willard
Gorton or Gordon Tallmen
James Mills
Jeremiah Lay
Elijah Dee

Frigate Confederacy Blacksmiths’ Returns- May to November 1778 (Folder 17)

Samuel Niles (multiple, at beginning) [an early supervisor]
Joseph Fish and/or Samuel Fish (multiple, at beginning) [signed for Samuel Niles]
Mickel or Micah or Michael Dawles (multiple, beginning to end)
Jeremiah Beebe (multiple, beginning to end)
Jason Rogers (multiple, beginning to end)
Samuel Huntington (multiple, beginning to end) [crewman]
Elisha Huntington (multiple, at end)
Asa Baker or Baeker (multiple, beginning to end)
Joseph Church (multiple, beginning to end)
Joseph Chatsey (multiple, at end)
Ruphus Pelton (multiple, at end)
Ebenezer Bowles or Bowls (multiple, beginning to end)

Recipients of Work done by Blacksmiths- May to November 1778 (Folder 17)
James Storer
Captain Ephraim Bill
David Kane
Seymour Smith
Joshua Simmons
Benjamin Stillman
William Stark
Samuel Sheffield
James Sheffield
James Avery
Robert Mowry or Mory or Morony
Jonathan Ellis (supplied tools to Mr. Storer from Charlestown in care of William Taylor)
Colonel Tallman
Jabez Brewster or Bruster

Frigate Confederacy Boat Builders’ Returns- August 1778 to February 1779 (Folder 16)

Mark Anthony Deaolph (beginning to end) [also worked on sloop Dolphin]
Joseph Ells (multiple)
Jesse Lester or Lister (multiple)
William Beckwith (one day) [also on Ship Yard & Top Builders’ Returns, Midshipman]
William Huntington
Isaac Palmer [also worked on sloop Dolphin]
Christopher Williams (multiple)
Wait Lester or Lister (multiple) [also on Top Builders’ Returns]
John Ford (multiple, at end) [also on Top Builders’ Returns]
James Ware or Wair (multiple, at end)

Frigate Confederacy Coopers’ Returns- September 1778 to February 1779 (Folder 14)

John Webb (beginning to end) [10 Oct 78, Master]
Ebenezer Fillmore (beginning to end) [10 Oct 78, 1st Lieutenant]
Ezekiah Crocker
Nathan Bingham
Andrew Durkee (beginning to end) [10 Oct 78, 2nd Lieutenant]
Frederick Huntington (multiple)
Christopher Calkins (multiple) [10 Oct 78, Boatswain]
Benjamin Dennis (multiple, at end)
Samuel Dennis (multiple, at end) [Cooper]

Frigate Confederacy Top Builders’ (to Oct 1778) & Carpenter Stores’ (Oct 1778 to Feb 1779) Returns- not dated (Folder 15)
Work on the Carpenters’ Stores was done at Captain Jonathan Lester’s Yard

John Hall (multiple, in beginning)
Ebenezer Storer (multiple, beginning to end) [Ship’s Carpenter]
Samuel Filey (multiple, in beginning) [early supervisor]
John Webb Jr. (multiple, at end) [John Webb also on Coopers’ Returns dated 10 Oct 78 as Master]
William Beckwith (multiple, in beginning) [also on Ship Yard Boat Builders’ Returns, Midshipman]
John Davis or Daves (multiple, beginning to end)
James Storer (multiple, at end) [later supervisor, Carpenter]
Weight or Wait Lester (multiple, at end) [also on Boat Builders’ Returns]
Jonathan Lester (multiple, at end)
James Farmely (multiple, at end)
John Ford (multiple, at end) [also on Boat Builders’ Returns]

Frigate Confederacy Riggers’ Returns- November 1778 to January 1779 (Folders 18, 19 & 21)
Returns approved by Jesse Jeacocks [Midshipman], last two include 11 January through 6 February 1779

Mr. Joseph Sharp (multiple, at end)
William Calvert (multiple, balance due at end c/o Dennis Mohagan)
Richard Stroud (multiple, at end)
Anthony Campbell or Camble (multiple, at end)
John Masters (multiple)
Benjamin Vosse (multiple)
Alexander Hyde or Hid or Hyde (multiple)
Turtle Hunter (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Amos Daniels (multiple, at end)
Nathan Brooks or Brook (multiple, at end)
Ebenezer Tanner or Touner (multiple, at end) [Cook’s Mate, died at sea 1/28/80]
Gordon Wyoux or Wyyougs or Voryyoxs or Viyyoux (multiple, at end)
Samuel Simmons (multiple, at end)
Neamiah or Nehemiah Rogers (multiple)
William Joy (multiple, balance due at end)
William Jackson (multiple, balance due at end)
James Thomas (multiple)
William McBride (at end)
Thomas Mosset or Mofset (multiple, at end)
John Craig or Crage (multiple, at end)
Richard Marion or Maryn
John Richman (multiple, at end, returned)
Nathan Spicer or Spicser (multiple, at end) [crewman, runaway]
Edward Adams (multiple, at end [crewman]
Ebenezer Roath or Roth (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Robert Fowler (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Retrieve Moore (multiple, at end)
Abel Spicer (multiple, at end) [Quartermaster]
Richard Marven (multiple, at end)
Stephen Gregory or Stephen Gregore (multiple, at end) [3rd Lieutenant]
Charles Chatton (multiple)
Peter Marchand or Marchant (multiple)
Jesse Jacocks (multiple, at end) [Midshipman]
Asahel Smith (at end)
Frederick Calkins or Cawkins (multiple, at end) [Master’s Mate]
Mack Gilbard or Gilheart (multiple)
Robert Chilves or Chilvis (multiple)
Joseph Appleton (multiple, at end)
Paul Marchand or Marshant or Marshola or Mershorler or Mershorlar or Marshold (multiple, at end)
Jack Coulley or Caoulley (multiple)
Peter Bossway (multiple, at end)
Peter Vinin (multiple)
Antoney or Anthony Villa (multiple)
Vincent Hillias or Vinsant Helies (multiple)
John Andrews or Andra (multiple, at end)
Joseph Servona or Soverns (multiple, at end)
Peter Parro or Pallon or Fallon (multiple, at end) [crewman]
John Cortney or Courteny or Catony (multiple, at end) [Boatwain’s Mate]
Phelix or Peleg Tucker (multiple, at end)
Charles Squires (multiple, at end) [crewman]
James McMullin (multiple, at end) [crewman]
William Partridge (multiple, at end)
Dennis Cowley (at end)
Joseph Smith (multiple, at end) [crewman, sailmaker]
William Bell (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Daniel Invede or Ivard (multiple, at end)
George Weatherlegs (multiple, at end)
Joseph Miller (multiple, at end) [crewman]
James Sandling or Sandlin (multiple, at end) [crewman]
John Harrison (multiple, at end)
Dennis Carrick or Cerrick (multiple, at end) [crewman]
George Reynolds or Raynold (multiple, at end) [Seaman, died at sea 4/10/80]
John Saunders (multiple, at end) [crewman]
William Higgins 2nd (multiple, at end)
Lewis Morey (multiple, at end) [Midshipman]
William Powers (multiple, at end) [suspected Master’s Mate]
Amos Latham (multiple, at end) [Sergeant of Marines, Midshipman]
Elijah Meers (multiple, at end)
Christopher Giles (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Charles Miller (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Elijah Parrish or Davish (at end) [crewman]
Zibe Addams (multiple, at end)
Samuel Curtis (multiple, at end) [Steward]
Frederick Elderkin (at end) [crewman, carpenter at shipyard]
Minor Elderkin (multiple, at end) [carpenter at shipyard]
William Thompson (multiple, at end)
Charles Shatton or Shaton (multiple, at end)
Jeremiah Connel (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Michael Ryan (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Charles McNeil (multiple, at end)
John Goodale or Godale (multiple, at end) [crewman]
James Jeffrey (multiple, at end)
James Russell (multiple, at end)
Daniel Uncus or Daniel Unchus (multiple, at end) [Marine]
William Marshall
John Colly (multiple, at end)
Gideon Beebe (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Peleg Wilcox or Willcokx (multiple, at end) [crewman, runaway]
Abraham Newel
John Neal or Neel (multiple, at end)
Jesse Daniels (multiple, at end) [Seaman]
James Miller (multiple, at end, deserter)
Benjamin Beebe (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Brister Negro (multiple, at end)
William Winslow (multiple, at end)
Daniel Lawrence (at end)
Fransney Dusang (at end)
Thomas Bates (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Andrew Dodge (multiple, at end)
Pyram Ripley (multiple, at end) [Seaman]
John Brown (multiple, at end)
Thomas Martin (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Samuel Pettig (at end)
Levy Culver (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Ebenezer Wade (multiple, at end) [crewman]
Nich’y Fedler or Fidler (multiple, at end)
Frederick Mire (at end)
John Trogbet or Trybut (multiple, at end)
Rowland or Robert Frayzer or Frayzor (multiple, at end)
Asa Durfee (multiple, at end) [Boy, died at sea 12/31/80]
Simeon Ashbow or Ashbro (at end) [Marine, died at sea 3/13/80]
James Companion (multiple, at end) [crewman]
James Holt or Holte (multiple, at end)
Charles Holly (at end)
Jeheil Comstock (multiple, at end) [Corporal of Marines]
John Ryan (multiple, at end) [crewman]
John Moore (multiple, at end)
Thomas Larkin or Lankin (multiple, at end)
Henry Taylor (at end)
Hezekiah Lathrop (at end) [crewman]
William Merritt (at end) [crewman, runaway]
John Healey or Hendly (at end) [crewman]
William Raymond or Raymon or Rayment (at end) [Quartermaster]
Joseph Walker (at end)
Jedediah Williams (at end) [crewman]
Nathan Langster or Lankster
James Hiegh (at end)
James Dodge (at end)
John Pietermate (at end)
Benjamin Clorage (at end)
John William (at end)
Thomas Hampton (at end)
David Holmes (at end)
James Miller, Jr. (at end)

Sample Key
(multiple, at end): denotes references to Riggers’ Returns in Frigate Confederacy Papers (Folders 18, 19 & 21)
multiple: name appears on Riggers’ Returns multiple times
beginning to end: name appears on Riggers’ Returns regularly from early November 1778 to 6 February 1779
at beginning: name appears on Riggers’ Returns only in November 1778
at end: name appears on Riggers’ Returns only between 11 January and 6 February 1779
[crewman]: denotes name is listed in one of Frigate Confederacy crew lists
[Marine]: denotes specific posting in ship’s crew if known

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