Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Boston (1777)

The Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Boston (1777) is derived from the list that appears on pages 41-45 of Gardner Weld Allen’s publication “Captain Hector McNeill of the Continental Navy” (1922) that was drafted on the ship Boston at Wichcasset in the Sheepscott River on 16 July 1777. Apparently this list was amongst the collection of papers belonging to the Hon. Charles W. Gray, of Portsmouth, NH. These papers were heirlooms in the McNeill family, descending through his youngest daughter. The list has been annotated to include position on the ship if known and offers alternate spellings of names (in parenthesis) to assist internet browsing. The full list found in Allen’s publication indicates what appears to be each man’s watch station during battle, either Starboard or Larboard (Port) side and specific location on the ship. According to maritime convention, gun positions are numbered bow to stern. Other significant documents associated with the frigate Boston are reposited in the Houghton Library at Harvard College in the Samuel Tucker (1747-1833) Papers under call number MS Am 812. Manuscripts in this collection include: Sundry accounts (1778), Muster-rolls, Return of gunner’s stores, Book of orders (1779, 1780), Logbook (1779), List of officers and seamen, Copies of signals done on board (1779), Return of provisions (1780), Letterbook fragment (1778) and Journal (11 February to 9 October 1778).

Cato Austin
Benjamin Balch, Chaplain
Israel Balch
Thomas Balch
Chipman Bangs (or Shipman Bangs)
Thomas Barker
Abel Bathorick
Ebenezer Beal
Thomas Berry
John Billiard
Joshua Blackett
Jonathan Blasdell
Henry Bowen
John Boldery
Hannibal Bradstreet
Northern Broadstreet
Jeremiah Brown
John Brown (or John Browne), 1st Lieutenant
Scipio Brown
Patrick Burns
Abraham Bussell
John Calderwood
Winter Calef
Samuel Carleton
Phineas Carr
John Carrel
William Cateran
Peter Cavey, Volunteer, Possibly Brevet Lieutenant of Marines
John Chaddock
John Choate
Peter Clark
Duke Clough
William Coker
Dennis Connell
Henry Connell
Patrick Connell
Phillip Connell
Patrick Connor
Ezekiel Cossa
John Costelloe (or John Costello)
John Coupi
Cornelius Cowart
Benjamin Crane
Christopher Crowel
William Crowel
Bartholomew Crowely
Benjamin Crowningshield, Probably Captain’s Clerk
Thomas Cutter
John Dalaney
Thomas Davis
William Davis
Hampshire Dodge
James Dodge
Zachariah Dodge
Thomas Dovrell
Joseph Downs
John Elliot
Elkanah Elmes
James Elmes
Caesar Fairweather
Jack Faris
William Faris, Mate, Midshipman & Acting Lieutenant
James Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Benjamin Foster
Thomas Foster
Lemuel Fowles
Robert Frame
Adam Freeman
Cuff Freeman
Nero Freeman
James French
John Fullerton
Lawrence Furlong, Sailing Master
John Garratt
Prince Gilbert
John Gillard
Joshua Gott
James Gouge
Samuel Gragg (or Samuel Gregg), Possibly Mate
Samuel Gray
Henry Green
James Griffin
Simon Gross, 2nd Lieutenant
John Hall
Daniel Harraden
Joseph Harraden
John Harris
Charles Hathaway
Francis Heck
Benjamin Henderson
Joseph Henderson
John Hewes
Ebenezer Hogg
John Holliday
Nathaniel Hopkins
Daniel Horne
Thomas Hudson
William Hutchins
Joseph Ingersoll
John Irish
William Jennison, Lieutenant of Marines
Benjamin Johnson
Alexander Jones
John Keef
Mathew Kelly
Alexander Killmarnock
Edward Kimball
James Knowles
William Lamb, Possibly Marine Officer
John Leadan
Increase Leadbetter
Lewis Leblanch
Caesar Lee
Joseph Lewis
Dr. John L. Linn, Surgeon
William Liscomb
Arthur Lloyd
Thomas Lovering
John Low
Ezra Lowell
Richard Lubey
Timothy Lunt
Joseph Mascoll
James Masterman
Edward McDowell
David McElroy
William McIntyer (or William McIntyre)
Charles McKinnon
Lawrence McLaughlin
Charles McNeill
Hector McNeill, Captain
Hector McNeill, Jr.
Robert McNeill, 1st Lieutenant of Marines
Jeremiah Mehaney
Jonathan Meschinet or John Meschinet
Phillip Meservey
John Milne
George Mitchell
John Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell
Samuel Moody
John Morgan
Thomas Morgan
Bartholomew Moulton
William Mugford
Michael Mullcahey
William Mulling
William Munro or William Monroe
Michael Murphy
John Murray
William Newman
Robert Nichols
Mark Nobel
James Nock
Samuel Nowell
Richard Nowlan
Joseph O’Brien
William O’Brien
Nehemiah Osgood
Richard Paine
Richard Palmes, Captain of Marines
Caleb Parker
Joseph Parker
Thomas Parker
John Parrott
William Parsons
Zaccheus Parsons
Hants Pederson
Benjamin Peirce
Thomas Perkins
Jacob Perry
Pomp Petters
Ephraim Pettingale
Joseph Pettit
Aholiab Phelps
Joel Philbrook
Boston Pitts
John Potter
Abraham Plunket
John Ricker
Chace Rogers
William Ropes
Michael Ryan
Nathaniel Sampson
Moses Sawyer
Thomas Shaw, Injured Seaman
Thomas Sherburne
Adam Shoot
James Sims
John Sleeper
Andrew Smith
John Smith
Joseph Smith
William Snooks
Labon Sprague
Richard Stiles
Jethro Storow
John Sullaway
Richard Sweetland
Samuel Stockbridge
Benjamin Tapping (or Benjamin Hall Tappin)
James Taylor
London Terry
James Thornton
Mathew Tifft
Patrick Tobine
Francis Tree
Gideon Washburn
William Waters
Daniel Webber
Richard Webber
John Webb
Hezekiah Welch, 3rd Lieutenant
Walter Welch
Abel Wetherell
Andrew Whalon
Benjamin Williams
Charles Williams
James Willson or James Wilson
John Willson or John Wilson
Nicholas Winslow
John Wisdom
William Wise
Cato Wood
Cuff Wood
John Wood
Cornelius Woodbery (or Cornelius Woodberry)
Lemuel Woodberry
Benjamin Woodman
Daniel Woodman
Gideon Woodwell
Gideon Woodwell, Jr.
William Wright

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