Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Confederacy (1779)

The Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Confederacy (1779) is derived from the list that appears on pages 601-602 of the publication “Record of Service of Connecticut Men, Part I, Naval Record of Connecticut, 1775-1783” edited by Henry P. Johnston (1889). A note on page 600 indicates the original list is in the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford. This list of officers and men was probably associated with the Confederacy’s maiden cruise out of New London on Saturday 1 May 1779. However, most of her crew would remain with the ship until her return to Philadelphia from Martinico on Thursday 27 April 1780 at the completion of her second major cruise. The list has been annotated to include position on the ship if known and offers alternate spellings of names (in parenthesis) to assist internet browsing.

Edward Adams
John Ames, Marine
Simeon Ashbo (or Simeon Ashbow or Simeon Ashbro), Marine
Joseph Baker
Rufus Ballard, Marine
Thomas Bates
Thomas Bats
Benjamin Beebe (or Benjamin Bebee)
Gideon Beebe (or Gideon Bebee)
Walter Beebe (or Walter Bebee)
William Beckwith, Midshipman
William Bell
Gurdon Bill, Lieutenant of Marines
Charles Brooks, Seaman
James Brown
John Brown
Elnathan Burdan (or Elnathan Berdein or Elnathan Bordan), Marine
William Bury or (William Barry), Seaman
Frederick Calkins, Master’s Mate
Seth Canady (or Seth Kennedy or Seth Cavady), Corporal of Marines, Master of Arms, Surgeon’s Mate
Stephen Champen (or Stephen Campen)
Dennis Cerrick (or Dennis Carrick)
Alpheus Chappill (or Alpheus Chappitt)
Francis Clarrage (or Francis Clarydge or Francis Clarrydge)
Curtis Cleaveland (or Curtis Cleveland)
Edward Cleaveland (or Edward Cleveland)
Silas Cleaveland (or Silas Cleveland), Corporal of Marines
James Companon (or James Companion)
Jeheil Comstock, Corporal of Marines
Jeremiah Connel
John Cortney (or John Corurteny or John Courtney or John Catony), Boatswain’s Mate
Thomas Crandall
Levy Culver
Frederick Curtis, Master at Arms
Samuel Curtis (or Samuel Curtiss), Steward
Jesse Daniels, Seaman
Joseph Darling
Stephen Davis
Samuel Dennis (or Samuel Denniss), Marine, Cooper
Asa Durfee (or Asa Durfey), Boy
Frederick Elderkin, Crewman
James Elderkin, Gunner’s Mate
William Fagins (or William Fagee), Seaman
William Fish
Theophilus Fitch
Robert Fowler
Joshua Fox
John Frayzer (or John Frasier or John Frazer)
Robert Frazer
Benjamin Fuller
Elisha Fuller
Thomas Fandaban (or Thomas Fundebou or Thomas Fundebow), Cooper’s Mate
John Gardiner, Surgeon’s Mate
Christopher Giles, Runaway
John Godale (or John Goodall)
Stephen Gregory, 3rd Lieutenant
John Griffing (or John Griffin or John Griffen), Seaman
Simon Gross, 1st Lieutenant
John Haley
Thomas Hampton
Seth Harding, Captain
James Hayes, Boatswain
John Healey (or John Hendly)
Thomas Hendry
Thomas Heselton (or John Haselton)
Nathan Hinman (or Nathan Kinman), Midshipman
Thomas Hoburn (or Thomas Holman)
Samuel Holt, Lieutenant of Marines
Turtle Hunter (or Turkell Hunter), Seaman
Samuel Huntington
Ebenezer Hyde
Phineas Hyde, Surgeon’s Mate
Jacob Johns (or John Jacobs), Seaman
Silas Jacobs
Jesse Jacocks (or Jesse Icaisky), Midshipman, Master’s Mate
Ichabod Johnson
John Keis (or John Keys)
Peter Langster
Joseph Lankett
Amos Latham, Sergeant of Marines, Midshipman
Hezekiah Lathrop, Midshipman
John Lawrence, Captain’s Clerk
William Mackey
William Marsh, Sergeant of Marines
Thomas Martin
Daniel McCarthy
David McIntosh, Jr. (or David Mackintosh or David Mackentosh), Gunner
James McMullen
John McSmith, Runaway
William Merrett, Runaway
Charles Miller
Joseph Miller
John Mooney
Lewis Mory (or Lewis Morey or Lewis Moray or Lewis Maurey), Midshipman
Harry Negro
Elisha Nichols
Jonathan Osborn
Jonas Page, Boy
Elijah Parish (or Elijah Davish)
Peter Pallon (or Peter Parro or Peter Patton or Peter Fallon), Gunner’s Mate
Richard Pease, Jr. (or Richard Pearse), Marine
Coms Peters
William Petley (or William Petty), Boatswain
Jedediah Post (or Jedidiah Post), Fifer
William Powers, Probably Master’s Mate
Morris Prestonhau
William Protley (or William Prolley)
Firtuno Quocoto (or Fortune Quaco), Marine
John Rabey
William Raymon (or William Raymond or William Raymount), Quartermaster
George Raynold (or George Ranold or George Reynolds), Seaman
Jedediah Richards
Benjamin Richards, Purser
Pyram Ripley (or Pirum Ripley), Seaman
Ebenezer Roth (or Ebenezer Roath)
Jonathan Roath
Samuel Roberts
John Robertson, Purser’s Steward
Jeremiah Robbins (or Jeremiah Robins)
Oliver Rogers, Marine
William Ross
John Ryan
Michael Ryan
David Samson
John Sanders
James Sandling (or James Sandlin)
Thomas Sillivan (or Thomas Sullivan), Runaway
John Silsby (or Jonathan Silsby)
Amasa Simons
Jonathan Simons (or John Simons or John Simmons), Marine
Jesse Sip, Seaman, Waiter
Joseph Smith, 1st, Sailmaker’s Mate
Joseph Smith, 2nd
John Smith, Seaman
Abel Spicer, Quartermaster
Nathan Spicer, Runaway
Charles Squires
Gideon St. John
William Stone
Ebenezer Storer, Carpenter
James Storer, Carpenter’s Mate
Nathaniel Swan, Seaman
John Sydleham, Sr
John Sydleham
Ebenezer Tonner (or Ebenezer Tanner or Ebenezer Touner), Cook’s Mate
John Tanner, Sailing Master
Solomon Tracy, Sergeant of Marines
John Tribby
Joseph Tufts
David Tuthill, Marine
Daniel Tweed
Daniel Unchus (or Daniel Uncus), Marine
Thomas Vaughan (or Thomas Vaughn), 2nd Lieutenant
Ebenezer Wade, Seaman
Prince Ed. Waterman (or Edward Waterman Prince)
Joseph Willcocks (or Joseph Wilcox), Gunner’s Mate
Peleg Willcocks, Runaway
Nathaniel Willey
Jedediah Williams (or Jedidiah Williams)
George Worthylake (or George Wetherlegs), Seaman

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2 Responses to Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Confederacy (1779)

  1. John Shotwell says:

    There is a Joseph Darling shown as a member of the crew of the Confederacy for 1779 but not as either a member of the Construction Crew or the crew for 1781. Does anyone know if this Joseph Darling is the same Joseph Darling b. 1743 (my 4th g.grandfather) that participated in the Battle of Ridgefield in 1777.
    John Shotwell

  2. I am a descendant of Ebenezer Storer (Story) Preston Connecticut. I am preparing a performance about the ship Confederacy and her being built at Preston. This will be presented (in its expanded form) at the CT. Storytelling Festival April 25 2015 at Conn College in New London. The Huntington’s , Story family and Elderkins are all related. I am interested in any material on the ship, its builders and crew. I live in Mansfield CT and travel through Preston regularly.

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