Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Raleigh (August 1777)

The Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Boston (1777) is derived from the list of the Officers and Crew on the Continental Frigate Raleigh when she sailed from the Piscataqua River about Aug. 12, 1777 on pages 216-221 of Oliver P. Remick’s publication “A Record of the Services of the Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men of Kittery and Eliot, Maine: who served their Country on Land and Sea in the American Revolution, from 1775 to 1783” (1901). The original transcription was by Barbara Hanscom Stuart. The list has been annotated to include position on the ship if known and offers alternate spellings of names (in parenthesis) to assist internet browsing. The full list found in Remick’s publication indicates the place of residence with the date and term of enlistment for each man.

Aaron Abbot, Seaman
John Adams, Ordinary Seaman
John Adams, 2d, Seaman*
Peter Adams, Ordinary Seaman
James Allen, Private
Nathaniel Allen, Seaman*
James Ayers, Ordinary Seaman, Tailor
Samuel W. Barnham, Seaman
Richard Baxter, Boy
Mathias Bell, Seaman, Boat Yeoman
Jotham Booker, Private
Nicholas Bouffard, Gunner’s Yeoman
William Bragdon, Boy
William Bray, Boatswain
David Brown, Seaman, Quartermaster
Satchewell Bundlet, Private
William Cambridge, Gunner
John Carr, Ordinary Seaman
Robert Carter, Jr., Marine
John Castle, Seaman
Henry Frost Cate, Master-at-Arms
Jonathan Chase, Seaman
James Claridge, Carpenter’s Crew
Joseph Clark, Ordinary Seaman
Samuel Clay, Private
Joseph Clements, Captain’s Steward
Robert Cochran, Cooper
Dodge Collins, Ordinary Seaman
Joseph Cotton, Ordinary Seaman
George Crump, Seaman*
Robert Curtis, Mate
Benjamin Dam, Sailmaker, Sailmaker’s Mate
David Davidson, Seaman
John Davis, Private
Samuel Demerrett, Marine
Daniel Durgin, Mate, Midshipman
Robert Ellis, Seaman
Wiggin Evans, Private
Michael Everett, Seaman
Joshua Fernald, Seaman, Carpenter’s Crew
Simeon Fernald, Carpenter
Theodore Fernald, Fifer
James Foggett, Seaman
William Follett, Seaman
John Frost, Midshipman
Stephen Frost, Marine
James Furlong, Boatswain’s Mate
Robert Furnace, Marine
Peter Galteau, Seaman
John Gammon, Ordinary Seaman
Joseph Gerrish, Ordinary Seaman
Timothy Gleason, Marine, Mess Steward
Alexander Goold
John Grant, Ordinary Seaman*
Simeon Gray, Private
John Gunnison, Marine
John Harmon, Ordinary Seaman*
William Harrison, Marine
William Hart, Jr., Sergeant of Marines
Robert Heslop, Seaman, Quarter-Gunner
John Hill, Private
George Hohn, Private
John Jackson, Surgeon
Joseph Jackson, Corporal of Marines
Peter Jones, Ordinary Seaman
Peter Kennistone, Carpenter’s Crew
Asa Kimbal, Ordinary Seaman*
William Knight, Private
Daniel Lang, Midshipman
Richard Langdon, Captain’s Clerk
Thomas Laraby, Ordinary Seaman*
William Lawrey, Ordinary Seaman*
Caesar Lear, Seaman
John Libby, Private
Francis Little, Gunner’s Mate
Richard Littlefield, Midshipman
George Loud, Private
Patrick Lynch, Ordinary Seaman
Thomas Manning, Master
Charles Mans, Ordinary Seaman*
Phillip McCann, Boatswain’s Mate
Samuel McClintock, Jr., Midshipman
Samuel McCornel, Ordinary Seaman
John McCoy, Private
Robert McDaniel, Ordinary Seaman
James McIntire, Drummer
Stephen Meads, 1st Lieutenant of Marines
Daniel Melong, Seaman
William Mendum, Private
John Merritt, Marine
Peter Meserve, Quartermaster
John Mills, Corporal of Marines
John Mills, 2d, Private
John Morgan, Seaman
Daniel Muncher, Boy
Peirce Murphy, Ordinary Seaman
Thomas Murphy, Marine
Robert Nason, Ordinary Seaman
Mark Nelson, Private
Moses Noble, Marine
Reuben Noble, Lieutenant Yeaton’s Boy
Daniel O’Grandy, Ordinary Seaman
George Jerry Osborne, Captain of Marines
George Parcher, Private
Samuel Parcher, Steward
John Parker, Seaman
Edward Parsons, Seaman*
Thomas Passmore, Seaman, Quartermaster
William Philbrook, Marine
Mark Pitman (or Mark Bitman), Quartermaster
John Ponel or (John Powey), Ordinary Seaman
Ebenezer Pray, Carpenter’s Mate
John Quin, Surgeon’s Mate
G. Andrew Rankins, Private
Benjamin Redman, Marine
James Richardson, Seaman
John Carr Roberts, Carpenter’s Crew
George Rollins, Corporal of Marines
George Rundlet, Marine
John Scates, Corporal of Marines
Joshua Scates, Marine
Benjamin Seawards, Marine
Peter Sdney or (Peter Edney), Lieutenant Shackford’s Boy
Josiah Shackford, 2nd Lieutenant
George Shaw, Marine
John Shores, Marine
Peter Shores, 1st Lieutenant
John Simpson, Seaman
John Sloper, Corporal of Marines
Daniel Smith, Private
Thomas Smith, Seaman
Mark Snider, Marine
Robert Spencer, Seaman
John Spenley, Seaman
George Spinney, Carpenter’s Crew
Ebenezer Stackpole, Quartermaster
William Stevens, Cook
Daniel Stewart, Seaman*
James Sullivan, Ordinary Seaman
Pompey Sweat, Ordinary Seaman
Richard Sweeny, Ordinary Seaman*
John Tanner, Quartermaster
William Thresher, Seaman, Quarter-Gunner
Thomas Thompson, Captain
Nathaniel Thwing, 2nd Lieutenant of Marines
Ichabod Tibbetts, Private
Paul Tibbets, Seaman
Simeon Tibbetts, Sergeant of Marines
David Tina, Private
John Turkan, Seaman
Moses Twombly, Marine
John Walls, Marine
William Ward, Coxswain
Thomas Watkins, Seaman
Timothy Watson, Carpenter’s Crew
Richard Weaver, Seaman
Jesse Wedgwood, Private
Samuel Weyman, Seaman*
Robert Whipple, Armorer
Ebenezer Whitehouse, Private
Joseph Whittemore, Seaman*
Henry Williams aka Hendrick Beilson, Boatswain’s Mate
Robert Williams, Ordinary Seaman
Edward Wilson, Boy
Benjamin Worster, Private
Phillip Worster, Marine
Isaac Worthem, Private
Hopley Yeaton, 3rd Lieutenant
John Yeaton, Mate

* 152 men were on the Raleigh on 22 January 1778 at L’Orient, France. The men noted by asterisk were also on her at that time; however, their names are not on her August 1777 list. They were probably on the Raleigh when she sailed from the Piscataqua. Accounting for them, list totals 169 men. Additional men were enlisted from vessels on the cruise to France and in France and on 2 February 1778, the Raleigh had a total of 228 men on board.

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6 Responses to Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Raleigh (August 1777)

  1. Bev Esson says:

    My ancestor, Peter Massure/ Masuare, received a pension for his service as Quartermaster of the Raleigh under Capt. Thompson. He was baptized at Portsmouth NH in 1742 and died at Stark NH in 1828. The name Meserve is also common in the NH/ME seacoast, and also appears in my family, but it is probable that the Peter Meserve in your list was actually Peter Massure.

    Bev Esson
    Wells, ME

  2. Tom Diaz says:

    I have reason to believe that Samuel Clay, my great-great-great grandfather, is the same person listed as a marine on the Raleigh. My ancestor lived in Lee, New Hampshire from 1790 onward. I would be grateful for any sources that others have that might associated Samuel Clay the marine with the Samuel of nearby Lee, NH.

  3. Joe says:

    No doubt the Samuel Clay you (I am assuming you are trdiaz1) have done a marvelous job researching and posting on is the marine noted on the frigate Raleigh on the mid-August 1777 crew list. The pension records indicate this Samuel Clay lived in Concord, Essex County, VT for 10-12 years prior to his death there and previously in Littleton, just over the state line in New Hampshire and Lunenburg, also in Essex County, VT. From your post depicting his burial place at Meadow Cemetery in Littleton, I wondered if his body was returned there to be interred with his wife Elizabeth who had died earlier. As you’ve discovered in Samuel’s pension records, his service on the “friggat Rolla” was from his enlistment on 1 August 1777 at Portsmouth, NH until his discharge at Boston, MA on 1 May 1778. Samuel’s extensive service in the army explains his rate or posting as a marine private on the ship rather than as a sailor or seaman. I also wonder if his training as an artilleryman had him assisting a gun crew on the Raleigh. I encourage you to continue documenting for the full extent of his wartime service from his initial enlistment in a company of artillery under Captain Titus Salter prior to his stint on the Raleigh through his last discharge on 19 April 1780 at the Highlands. Thanks for all your research efforts and for reading my website. Joe

  4. Joe says:

    I’ve spent a little time on your ancestor. Let me know if you detect any errors. Joe

  5. Tom Diaz says:

    Hi, Joe.

    I will certainly keep researching Samuel Clay. I get the impression that he had a hard life after (and maybe before and during) his revolutionary service, which is all the more reason to respect his contributions.

    I am still not sure he is the father of my great*2 grandfather, so if anyone reading this has evidence of Samuel Clay’s children, I would be grateful. My great*2 grandfather was Paul Clay, born in 1792 in Lee, NH. I believe he was one of the children of Samuel Clay and Mary Robie.

    Best wishes to all,
    Tom Diaz (trdiaz1)

  6. Cherryl Ball says:

    My 5th great-grandfather is Wiggin EVANS, private.

    Wiggin Evans, Marine; time of entry, July 26; time entered for, 1 year; wages per mo., $6 f ; place of residence, Cheshire; stature, 5 ft. 6 in.; complexion, dark; hair, brown; American.

    Seamen’s Protection Certificate Register Database Wiggin Evans
    Birth Place (City, State or Country): Kennington, New Hampshire Age: 47 Complexion: Brown
    Certificate Information:Customs District: Marblehead Date Issued: 04/18/1807 Certificate Number: 40

    Evans, Wiggin. Return dated Boxford, Dec. 8, 1779, of men mustered by John Cushing, Muster Master for Essex Co., to join the Continental Army for the term of 9 months, agreeable to resolve of June 9, 1779; engaged for town of Amesbury.

    If you have any further information on him I would love to have it. I have yet to find his grave as he is not buried with his wife and daughter, nor with is other daughter my ancestor.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can share with me.

    Cherryl Ball

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