Charles Brooks, Seaman

Charles Brooks. On 26 July 1792, the federal government settled the payroll claims of Charles Brooks related to his service as Seaman on the Confederacy dated 14 April 1781 for $59.46. Two men with this name appear on the prisoner list of the Jersey prison ship suggesting that he served on the Confederacy when captured. According to DAR records, his wife was Rachel Atwood and his daughter was Mary Ann Brooks who married Stephen Nelson Herrick, a civil engineer who lived in Greenbush near Albany, NY before moving to Cleveland. Mary Ann Brooks was born in East Haddam, CT. Rachel Atwood and Charles Brooks were married on 25 April 1802. Rachael Atwood again married Nathan Norton on 24 January 1819, after the presumed death of Charles Brooks sometime between 1803-1818 and suspected to be in 1813.

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