Frederick Elderkin, Crewman

Frederick Elderkin. Frederick Elderkin is listed in the Frigate Confederacy Riggers’ Returns 1778-1779. Minor Elderkin is also listed in the Riggers’ Returns for the same period. A letter from Seth Harding to Major Joshua Huntington dated 26 August 1779 in the Frigate Confederacy Papers reads, “In regard to the two Elderkins (Frederick and Minor) they are both carpenters and have stuck closet to the ship.” This description of the two men gives new meaning to the old naval term “plank owner”, reserved for a crew member who served on the ship at her commissioning. One possibility for this person is the Frederick Elderkin who was born on 25 December 1756 in Norwich to Joseph Elderkin and Mary Story. Among other siblings, this Frederick had an older brother James Elderkin born 19 October 1739. A Frederick Elderkin also served in 2nd Company of Colonel Parsons’ 6th Regiment of the Connecticut Line between 8 May and 16 December 1775. Also, Frederick Elderkin is recorded as serving in Captain Benjamin Leffingwell’s Norwich Company in 1777. Newspaper records indicate letters awaiting pickup at the New London Post Office in April 1803 for both Frederick and Abigail Elderkin. The Connecticut Herald of 21 June 1808, indicates that Frederick Elderkin of New London died recently before at Norwich.

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