Nathaniel Randall, Private of Marines

Nathaniel Randall. According to his pension application #W-22711, Nathaniel Randall of New York first enlisted at Cape Elisabeth as Private in Captain Leach’s Company in 1775 and later in Captain Dann’s Company serving eight months altogether. He served in Captain Bryant Morton’s Company from 5 February to 20 November 1776. Randall next served in Captain Thomas Samson’s Company of Colonel Collin’s Regiment for 32 days beginning 25 September 1777 and for about forty-five days beginning July 1778 in Captain C. Partridge’s Company of Colonel Whitney’s Regiment. Nathaniel Randall was married to Abigail Winter, born 1766, on 7 September 1780 in Cape Elisabeth by the Rev. Ephraim Clark. Shortly after their marriage in early November 1780, Randall went on board the Confederacy. When the ship was captured in the Summer of 1781, he was confined in New York on a prison ship. The young bride employed the Rev. Clark to go to New York and attempt to effect Randall’s exchange. His efforts unsuccessful, Nathaniel Randall died about six months after his imprisonment in December 1781. The last account his pregnant wife received was from fellow prisoner Jonah Dyer, who on his return home to Falmouth in the Fall of 1781, informed Abigail that her husband was very sick. She received news of his death “some months later,” having spent only two months of married life together. Randall never met his only daughter Ann Randall Hutchins of Portland, ME who was born in 1782 following his death. Abigail Winter Randall was remarried on 21 May 1786 by the same Rev. Clark to Joseph York who died on 14 November 1818. Abigail York of Portland died sometime after 1849.

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