Oliver Rogers, Private of Marines

Oliver Rogers. Oliver Rogers, oldest son of Jethro Rogers (1722-1764) and Hannah Holt (1730-1764), was born on 14 April 1748 in Hampton, CT. He was married to Hannah Coburn (b.1752) in Windham on 11 February 1770. He fathered at least two children prior to his enlistment on the Confederacy, a son Lovel born 17 January 1772 and a daughter Philora born 23 September 1778. According to his pension application #S-36775, Oliver Rogers enlisted in Connecticut for one year on 15 January 1779. He served as Private of Marines under Captain Hardy. While serving on the Confederacy on the Delaware River in May 1779, he was wounded by the accidental discharge of a musket ball causing the loss of use of two fingers. He was put ashore and sent to a hospital in Philadelphia where he remained until July. He was discharged in Chester in August of 1779. He is listed with other crew of the Confederacy in Silas Cleveland’s pension file #S-12486. His friend Edward Cleveland came to live with him after Cleveland’s escape from the British in 1780 after the capture of the Confederacy. He was originally awarded a pension on 18 July 1787, one year before the birth of another daughter Tryphena (1788-1813) on 7 December 1788. Oliver Rogers was a resident of Windham in 1820 with his wife Hannah then 68 years old. Hannah died within the next few years and Oliver Rogers was remarried to the widow Sarah Jennings Neff (1753-1842) of Chaplin, CT on 2 July 1826 by John Ross, J.P. Oliver Rogers died in Chaplin on 1 April 1829.

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