Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Alliance (1781-1783)

Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Frigate Alliance (1781-1783). This list of 481 officers and men who served on the frigate Alliance during the twenty months between August 1781 and May 1783 represents the combined list of names recorded in the Payroll and Ledger records of the Alliance in the Barry-Hayes Collection of the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia. These documents have been made available online by Villanova University at . This institution is applauded for its foresight in making these historic American documents available to the public at no cost through their digital library. The Payroll records are unattributed, however likely in the hand of Captain’s Clerk Joseph Eayers. The Payroll records include: the sequence of entering service for the first eighteen officers on Page 5 only; date of entry; the officer or crewman’s name; “Qualities” or rate; the circumstances of leaving service (ie. DieD, Discharged, Removed, arrested, leave of absence or blank); date of leaving; time served; amount of wages advanced; amount of slops; rate of wages per month; amount of total wages; “Ballance due the people” and “Ballance due the ship” for approximately 423 officers and men.

The Ledger, which itemizes the cost of supplies issued from the ship’s stores to the 354 officers and men listed, is in the hand and signed by Purser Samuel Cooper. According to a notation in the text, this Ledger appears to have begun as the sequential volume to a previous ledger which was copied and attested to on Christmas Day 25 December 1782 while the ship was bound from L’Orient, France to the West Indies. As stores were distributed afterward, the names of additional men and accounts of goods received were added to the Ledger, a number of them Frenchman on that same Christmas Day. A final accounting was attested to upon the completion of the Alliance’s final cruise at Providence on 21 June 1783 by Samuel Cooper. This is particularly interesting as Cooper was one of the six officers that Captain Barry initially had arrested at L’Orient on 6 December 1782.

The Payroll and Ledger records noted above begin with entries dated 15 August 1781. At this time, Captain John Barry was recuperating from a grapeshot wound to his shoulder sustained in an action with the British warship Atalanta. Barry had arrived in Boston the previous year on 19 September 1780 to take command of the frigate from former Captain Pierre Landais. Landais was facing court martial for his handling of the ship, as was his Lieutenant James A. Degge for relieving the captain of his duties at sea on 11 August 1780. Degge took command for himself, bringing the frigate into Boston on 19 August 1780. The Alliance departed on her first cruise under Captain Barry’s command on 11 February 1781, arriving in France on 9 March 1781 with Thomas Paine aboard, one of three passengers. Sailing from France on 29 March 1781, the Alliance was engaged in hot action with the Atalanta on the homeward bound leg just before her arrival at Boston on 6 June 1781.

Captain Barry’s second cruise on the Alliance, represented by these records, sailed from Boston on 23 December 1781. The ship arrived at L’Orient, France with supercargo Marquis de Lafayette aboard on 18 January 1782. Lafayette was returning home after the surrender of Cornwallis’ army at Yorktown the previous October. The frigate made a short unsuccessful cruise to the Bay of Biscay from L’Orient in February before sailing for home on 16 March 1782. The Alliance took no prizes on the homeward voyage with eight men dying at sea within six weeks, including Surgeon’s Mate Ezekial Hendly. On 10 May 1782, the Alliance encountered and then eluded a sixty-four gun British warship off Cape Henlopen three days before her arrival at New London on 13 May 1782. The large number of crew who died at sea were followed by an additional ten deaths during the two months immediately following the ship making port.

The Alliance remained at New London until she departed on her third long cruise under Captain Barry on 4 August 1782. Almost immediately after leaving, Barry and the Alliance recaptured the prize RI brigantine Adventure and sent her in to New London. He then “proceeded as fast as possible off Bermudas” taking the schooner Polly along the way on 10 August 1782, which he sent in to Boston. On 25 August 1782, the Alliance retook the Connecticut sloop Fortune. The frigate then sailed to the banks of Newfoundland where she took the Nantucket whaling brigantine Somerset in early September. A prize crew was put on board to sail the ship into Boston. Several days later on 18 September 1782, the Alliance captured a damaged brigantine from Jamaica which was also sent to Boston. With intelligence from this latest prize Barry and the Alliance pursued the Jamaica fleet, taking two ships which strayed on 24 September 1782, the Britannia and Anna. Two additional ships from the fleet, the snow Commerce and the dismasted Kingston, were also captured by the Alliance on 27 and 28 September 1782 before all four prizes made sail with her to France. The little flotilla reached Groix Roads on 17 October 1782. While in L’Orient, several officers who had not received their pay refused obedience to the captain. Barry ordered the six arrested and replaced them, promoting less experienced officers in some cases.

The Alliance departed L’Orient hurriedly on 8 December 1782 on her return cruise via the West Indies, arriving at Saint Pierre in Martinique on 9 January 1783. Under new orders, Captain Barry and the Alliance sailed for Havana on 13 January 1783, making port at St. Eustatius on 15 January and Cape Francois on 20 January along the way. She left Cape Francois the following day with Captain Seth Harding, former commander of the frigate Confederacy, as a passenger. The frigate was chased by British warships on two occasions but reached Havana safely on 31 January 1783. Awaiting the Alliance there was the twenty gun Duc de Lauzun under the command of Captain John Green with orders for both ships to depart for the United States immediately with a cargo of specie for Congressional use. They sailed from Havana on 7 March 1783 after having been delayed for a number of weeks. The following day, the Continental ships eluded two enemy frigates. However, just three days later, the ships again were sighted by the British frigates Alarm and Sybil in company with the sloop Tobago. A Journal in the Barry-Hayes Collection records the activities of the Alliance between 1 January 1783 and the sighting of these three enemy sails on 10 March 1783. The Journal is abruptly ended by the events which followed. In a diversionary attempt to allow the Duc de Lauzun to escape from their pursuers with her precious cargo; the Alliance engaged the Sybil, killing two and wounding six. The Alliance suffered ten wounded in the forty minute action off Cape Canaveral, including Master’s Mate Shubald Gardiner who died the following day. After the sea battle, the Lauzun’s cargo of specie was transferred to the Alliance as the unprotected warship had jettisoned her guns to escape the Sybil. The two ships were separated off Cape Hatteras with the Lauzan arriving in Philadelphia on 21 March 1783. The Alliance sailed to Newport arriving on 20 March 1783 and shuttled to Providence several days later, anchoring just below the city. There the officers and men were paid off and discharged as noted in the Payroll records in which the last recorded date appears to be 1 May 1783.

These names of the officers and men of the Alliance between August 1781 and May 1783 have been transcribed by Joseph Ross with the full Christian name first and the surname following with several noteworthy editorial changes. This method is used to facilitate access to a public who may be using unsophisticated research techniques through internet search engines. Payroll entries were cross checked with the Ledger index and individual accounts for accuracy. Invariably errors in spelling are to be anticipated in transcribing eighteenth century script and the author welcomes corrections. Some restraint was exercised to refrain from using a more contemporary spelling of the surname which may negatively affect the accessibility of the records to the internet surfing public. The prefix “Mr.” is only noted where the Ledger accounts specified the title, usually in the event of the occasional account of a warrant officer. This title never appears in the Payroll records. The transcribed name is generally taken from the Payroll records with alternate spellings from the Ledger in parenthesis. However, all abbreviated first names in the Payroll have been written in their entirety as is typical of the Ledger for ease of research. The Payroll “Qualities” or rate denoting pay grade and thereby rank or position are listed next. The two numbers following indicate the page numbers in the online library images, the first Payroll and secondly the Ledger. It is important to note that these page numbers do not reflect the actual page numbers of the original documents as the numbering sequence of the images does not adjust for cover and blank pages. The Payroll records are not numbered and the Ledger image numbers are fourteen digits greater than the original as the index to names leaves were not numbered in the original volume. For example: 11/53 indicates that the Payroll records for Aaron Abbot are located on image 11 and the Ledger records are on image 53 (actually page 39 of the original document). A zero page number indicates the name does not appear in that document. Officers are typically not found in the Ledger and many crewmen, particularly Frenchmen who presumably came aboard in L’Orient for the final cruise, do not appear in the Payroll. Finally, editorial notations have been added to some names indicating significant facts pertaining to the individual, such as: death, arrest or if pension records are known to exist.

Aaron Abbot (Abit), Marine, 11/53
Nathaniel Abbot (Abit), Marine, 11/53
William Abbot, Boy, 14/99
Woodward Abraham (Abrahams), Seaman, 13/83, Pensioner
Amos Adams, Acting Midshipman, 6/56
Charles Adams, Marine, 11/26
Charles Adams, Seaman, 20/0
John Adams, Marine, 11/40
Francis Aliworthy, Seaman, 19/0
John Allen 1st, Seaman, 8/30
John Allen 2nd, Seaman (Negro), 16/100
James Anderson, Quarter Master, 8/77
Amos Anderson, Seaman, 17/97
Thomas Anderson, Steward, 6/49
Lewis Andrew (Andre), Seaman, 12/48
Pissant Antonio, Landsman, 19/0
William Archer, Landsman, 13/71
Christopher Austen, Seaman, 13/80
Samuel Badger, Carpenter’s Crew, 8/55
Andrew Barber, Carpenter’s Crew, 16/94
Mr. (Cheapman) Chipman Bangs, Midshipman, 5/83
John Barry, Esq., Captain, 5/0
Samuel Barron, Boy, 9/68
John Bassey, Seaman, 17/0
Moses Beard, Carpenter’s Crew, 16/96
Robert Bell (Ball), Marine, 10/53, Pensioner under name Robert Leathhead
Peter Bemues, Rate Unknown, 0/52
Michael Ben, Rate Unknown, 0/32
Pierre Benard, Rate Unknown, 0/48
Nicholas Bernard, Rate Unknown, 0/40
Robert Bingham, Landsman, 17/102
John Bird, Landsman, 20/0
John Blanchard (Jack Blanche), Marine, 16/87
James Boman (Bowman), Seaman, 13/82
Peter Bowman, Landsman, 9/0
Jean Louis Bonvieux, Rate Unknown, 0/41
Pierre Bourgois, Rate Unknown, 0/45
Etienne Bovard, Rate Unknown, 0/42
James Boyle (Boyles), Seaman, 8/52
Alexis Bremont, Rate Unknown, 0/36
Joseph Breyer (Bryer), Landsman, 16/89
Peter Bristow (Bristol), Landsman, 17/98
Peter Brock, Landsman, 17/0
John Brown, Marine, 10/56
Thomas Brown, Landsman, 10/77
Mr. Thomas L. Brown, Acting Surgeon’s Mate, Surgeon’s Mate, 6/73
William Brown, Landsman, 16/96
James Bryan, Landsman, 17/0
Mr. John Buckley, Master, 5/15, Arrested at L’Orient 11/28/1782
Abraham Bump, Marine, 10/59
Benjamin Burley (Burly), Armourer 9/20, Died at New London 5/19/1782
Andrew Burns, Seaman, 14/0
Joseph Burns, Seaman, 8/70
John Byrne (Burns), Marine, 16/100
John Caffry, Seaman, 8/16
Robert Caine (Cain), Gunner’s Crew, 8/26
Frederick J. Caller, Acting Midshipman, 19/0
Mial Camp, Landsman, 15/0
Francis Caramo, Seaman, 19/0
Francis Caranto, Seaman, 19/0
John Cartwright (Carthwright), Marine, 11/72
Michael Carter, Marine, 9/61, Pensioner
Robert Caufield, Lieutenant, 6/0
Samuel Cavanaugh (Cavennough), Ordinary, 7/57
Claude Chartres, Rate Unknown, 0/46
John Childs, Landsman, 17/90
Daniel Chubb (Chub), Landsman, 13/72
Titus Church, Landsman, 15/101
James Clark, Landsman, 16/ 95, Died at sea 10/13/1782
Peter Clark (Clarke), Marine, 10/27, Pensioner
Job Clary (Cleary), Marine, 10/72
Randall Clutton, Rate Unknown, 0/5
Jonathan Coffin, Boy, 8/92
Ambrose Coines (Conier), Seaman, 14/86
Francis Coloroso, Seaman, 19/0
Thomas Collier, Landsman, 13/74
Patrick Colpoise (Collpy), Seaman, 7/30
Thomas Collins, Seaman, 11/31
Martin Combir, Seaman, 18/0
John Cook, Gunner’s Crew, 9/22
Mr. Richard Cooper, Master’s Mate, 5/87
Samuel Cooper, Purser, 5/0, Arrested at L’Orient 12/6/1782, Pensioner
Joseph Couviellier, Rate Unknown, 0/31
Patrick Cowen (Cowan), Seaman, 7/19
Michael Croaker (Croker), Landsman, 9/23, Died at sea 9/6/1782
Simeon Crossman, Drummer, 8/70, Pensioner
John Coulbourne, Seaman, 18/0
Francis Courtial (Cortail), Seaman, 13/85
Peter Cuddy, Marine, 19/0
Patrick Cunningham, Seaman, 7/0
John Curliss, Seaman, 17/0
Joseph Currow, Rate Unknown, 0/16
Antonio Curry, Marine, 18/0
Stephen Curtis, Marine, 11/62
Thomas Curtis, Seaman, 10/73
Mr. (Prentiss) Prentice Cushing, Acting Midshipman, Midshipman, 6/28
Abraham Dabbin, Landsman, 20/0
William Danzy (Dansy), Seaman, 17/102
Benjamin Darrow, Seaman, 14/86, Pensioner
Andrew Davis, Boy, 11/17
William Davis, Seaman, 15/0
John Davy (Davey), Seaman, 8/51
John Dawson, Seaman, 16/94
James Deacon, Landsman, 16/94
Charles Deagan (Deagen), Marine, 10/60
Antonio Decost (Antony Decosta), Seaman, 14/84
Jean Deghiss, Rate Unknown, 0/44
Dennis Dehorty (Drohedy), Landsman, 11/40
Jean Delorme, Rate Unknown, 0/47
Van Dequanto, Seaman, 18/0
Francis Derma (Dumi), Seaman, 13/81
Simon Desimmon, Marine, 20/0
Pierce De Verge, Rate Unknown, 0/36
Daniel Dixon, Boy, 14/85
William Dorkerell, Boy, 18/0
Nathan Dorsey, Doctor, 6/0
Jaquis Dossy, Rate Unknown, 0/44
Jarathmial Dotty (Jerathmael Doaty), Marine, 12/60, Pensioner
George Douglass (Dougliss), Carpenter’s Crew, 10/21
Mr. Charles Drew, Carpenter, 5/65
John Drew, Carpenter’s Yeoman, 16/98
Fernando Droldah, Landsman, 18/0
Nestis Droise (Drouse), Seaman, 14/89
Charles DuBois, Seaman, 16/88
Timothy Droise (Devine), Marine, 12/54
Luke Durfey (Duffy), Marine, 9/84
Jean Marie Dussanett, Rate Unknown, 0/28
William Eaton, Marine, 9/60, Died at sea 3/19/1782
Joseph Eayers (Eyres), Acting Midshipman, Captain’s Clerk, 5/66
William Ebons (Ebens), Gunner’s Crew, 17/102
Thomas Edwards, Carpenter’s Crew, 10/40
Thomas Ellis, Marine, 9/24
Thomas Elwood, Lieutenant of Marines, 5/15, Pensioner
William Erwin, Marine, 10/24
Durify Evanof, Seaman, 18/0
Benony Evans (Benoni Evens), Marine, 11/65
Evan Evans (Even Evens), Ordinary, 12/83
John Fageston, Seaman, 18/0
Peter Falicomy, Gun Crew, 19/0
David Fairbanks, Marine, 12/19
David Fairwell, Marine, 12/60, Died at sea 4/3/1782
Mr. Thomas Farmer, Carpenter’s Mate, Carpenter, 6/63
John Farrell 2nd, Boy, 18/98
John Fearig (Feark), Landsman, 13/77
Julian Finn, Boy, 19/0
Gerald Fitzgerald, Gunner’s Crew, 10/34
Morris Fitzgerald, Marine, 10/27, Pensioner
William Fitzmorris, Seaman, Armour, 13/79
Hugh Fleming (Flemmon), Gunner’s Crew, 7/89
John Flitchner (Flesner, Fleshner), Marine, 12/74
Patrick Flitchner, Lieutenant, 5/0, Arrested at L’Orient 11/26/1782
Deago Floris, Seaman, 18/0
Andrew Floyd, Rate Unknown, 0/78
John Fobister (Forbester), Seaman, 12/17
Francis Forrester, Seaman, 16/97
Thomas Foster, Acting Midshipman, 6/35
Nathaniel Fouren, Rate Unknown, 0/46
William Fowler, Seaman, 16/90
Antonio Francisco (Antony Franscisko), Seaman, 7/33
Charles Francois, Landsman, 16/0, Died at sea 8/16/1782
Robert Frazer, Marine, 17/0
John Gabalo, Landsman, 19/0
James Gaffet, Seaman, 17/0
James Gardiner (Gardner), Gunner’s Crew, 8/31
Shubald Gardiner, Master’s Mate, 17/0, Died at sea from wounds 3/11/1783
Nicholas E. Gardner, Lieutenant, 5/0, Arrested at L’Orient 11/26/1782
James Geagon, Chaplain, Surgeon, 5/0, Arrested at L’Orient 11/26/1782
Jean Automne Geraut, Rate Unknown, 0/43
James Gibson, Seaman, 19/0
Thomas Giles, Seaman, 7/68
Charles Gleason, Landsman, 17/101
Ranal Glutton, Seaman, 7/0
Caesar Godfrey, Boy, 9/26, Pensioner
Jean Gosse, Rate Unknown, 0/35
Mr. George Goudy, Midshipman, Seaman, 6/82
Charles Gould, Landsman, 12/54, Died at sea 4/23/1782
Henry Graves, Seaman, 12/69
Ely Greene, Landsman, 15/0
John Greene (Green), Carpenter’s Crew, 7/50
Joseph Young Greene (Youngreen), Boy, 12/74
Robert Greene, Marine, 15/0
Thomas Greenway, Rate Unknown, 17/0
James Grimes, Rate Unknown, 0/18
Thomas Gunner, Landsman, 17/88
Mr. Samuel Hacker, Acting Midshipman, 6/59
James Halfpenny, Marine, 15/0
Benjamin Hall, Boy, 10/15
Robert Hall, Seaman, 7/0
York Hallum, Landsman, 15/0
John Hally, Seaman, 11/0
Thomas Hamilton (Hammilton), Seaman, 7/36
John Harman, Rate Unknown, 0/61
Peter Harmon, Landsman, 20/0
(John) Jonathan Harris, Seaman, 15/101
Samuel J. Harris, Cook, 6/75
John Harvey (Harvy), Seaman, 12/25, Died at sea 10/17/1782
Charles Hayes (Hays), Seaman, 15/100
John Haynes, Quarter Master, 8/73
John Hayes, Landsman, 10/35
Benjamin Heading, Captain’s Clerk, 5/18
John Hearsey (Hearsy, Harsey), Landsman, 7/49
Samuel Hearsy, Landsman, 11/53
Mr. Ezekial Henly (Ezekiel Hendly), Surgeon’s Mate, 5/64, Died at sea 5/3/1782
John Heock, Midshipman 19/0
John Hewitt (Hewit), Boy, 8/52, Died at New London 5/27/1782
Edward Higgins, Rate Unknown, 0/19
Richard Hill, Rate Unknown, 0/32
Robert Hill, Rate Unknown, 0/55
Thomas Hill, Boy, 20/0
John Hinman, Seaman, 9/0
Pleasant Hitch, Landsman, 9/70
William Hogan, Quarter Master, 9/50, Pensioner
Nahamon Holbrook, Rate Unknown, 0/82
(Edmond) Edmund Holden, Marine, 10/62, Died at New London 7/17/1782
Thomas Holland, Seaman, 15/99
John Holstend, Seaman, 18/0
John Hoogs (Huggs), Acting Midshipman, 6/57
Thomas Hope, 1st Boatswain’s Mate, 6/66
Mr. Ebenezer Hopkins, Acting Midshipman, Midshipman, 6/66
Mr. Rufus Hopkins, Midshipman, 5/28
James Hotchkins (Hotchkiss), Boy, 9/61
(Anar) Amor Hotchkiss, Landsman, 12/75
Michael Hotley (Hotty), Boy, 11/68
John Holly, Rate Unknown, 11/69
George Hudson, Seaman, 8/30
Cornelius Huff, Seaman, 8/25
Peter Hussey (Hussy), Landsman, 9/23
Job Hull, Landsman, 12/54
Thomas Hunter, Landsman, 17/98
William Hurst, Boy, 20/0
Manuel Jack (Jokin), Seaman, 14/84
Caesar Jackson, Boy, 10/63, Died at New London 7/17/1782
Steward Jammison (Jemmison), Landsman, 17/99, Died at sea 3/15/1783
Magner Jemmison, Rate Unknown, 0/17
Peter Jennings (Jennins), Seaman, 7/57
Jonas Johnston (Johnson), Gunner’s Crew, 10/22
Richard Johnston (Johnson), Seaman, 7/22
Thomas Joice, Sergeant of Marines, Marine, 8/65
John Jones, Rate Unknown, 0/17
Antonio Joseph, Landsman, 20/0
John Joseph, Boy, 18/0
John Joseph 2nd, Seaman, 19/0
John Joseph 3rd, Ordinary, 19/0
Manuel Joseph, Seaman, 14/93
James Jourdan (Jordon), Gunner’s Crew, 17/95
Mr. John Karr (Carr), Midshipman, Master, 5/67
John Kease (Kees), Lieutenant of Marines, 7/71
Ephraim Keith, Marine, 11/58, Died at L’Orient 3/1/1782
Thomas Keif (Keith), Quarter Master, 14/91
James Kelly, Seaman, 18/0
Philip Kelly, Landsman, 17/90
Timothy Kelly, Landsman, 18/0
Timothy Kelog, Landsman, 15/0
John Kessler (Kesler), Midshipman, Master’s Mate, 5/59, Pensioner
John Killin, Landsman, 17/0
James King, Seaman, 12/30
Joseph King, Boatswain’s Yeoman, 11/76
Stephen Kinney (Kenny), Gunner’s Crew, 8/16
James Knowels (Knowls), Seaman, 14/91
Peter Laboyteaux, Seaman, 19/0
Michael Lemont, Boy, 19/0
Patrick Landracky (Landrican), Landsman, 17/99, Died at sea 9/16/1782
Daniel Larribut, Seaman, 18/0
Peter Larry, Seaman, 13/89
Thomas Laing (Lang), Seaman, 7/33, Pensioner
Robert Latham, Landsman, 9/64
William Leadbetter (Leabetter), Carpenter’s Crew, 12/103
Joseph Learned, Rate Unknown, 0/18
Francis Le Clere, Rate Unknown, 0/47
Jesse Leeson, Seaman, 13/81, Died at sea 12/14/1782
Richard Leet, Landsman, 17/0, Pensioner
Philip Legrass (Le Grass), Seaman, 12/48
Jean Le Marier, Rate Unknown, 0/41
Julian Lemart, Boy, 18/0
Matthew Lerman (Lemmon), Seaman, 7/59
Elisha A. Lewis, Rate Unknown, 0/24, Pensioner
Joseph Lewis, Boatswain, 5/0
Peter Lewis, Seaman, 7/51
Phineas Limonier (Limoniex), Landsman, 15/97
Mr. John Linn (Lynn), Surgeon, 5/75, Leave of Absence at New London 7/3/1782
Elijah Loomis (Lamass), Boy, 15/100, Died at sea 10/4/1782
Antonio Lorejo, Seaman, 19/0
Antonio Lorentzo (Antony Loranzo), Landsman, 15/96
(Pierre) Peter Loyer, Seaman, 12/48
Richard Ludlow, Landsman, 15/95
Nicholas Lumbig, Seaman, 18/0
Abraham Lush, Acting Midshipman, 6/29
James Magness, Ordinary, 12/0
Thomas Majory, Landsman, 13/73
John Marrin (Merren, Morrin), Seaman, 7/71
Philip Marrit, Master’s Mate, 5/0
James Marshall, Seaman, 8/28
John Martin, Seaman, 13/79
Joseph Martin, Seaman, 14/0, Died at New London 6/8/1782
Matthias Martin, Marine, 18/0
Michael Martin, Quarter Master, 18/0
Ebenezer Martindale, Marine, 15/0
Baltes Matlow, Marine, 19/0
Alexander McClelland (McClannel), Landsman, 10/57
Richard McClure, Seaman, 9/63
James McColon, Marine, 14/0
Alexander McCoy, Landsman, 20/0
Hugh McCoy (Mulcoy), Landsman, 7/50
Michael McDonnal (McDonnel, McDonnell), Boat’s Yeoman, 17/97
(Niel) Neal McComb, Seaman, 13/80
John McDonald (McDaniel) 1st, Seaman, 8/66
John McDonnel (McDaniel) 2nd, Landsman, 13/79
James McFarlane, Seaman, 14/0
James McGluaglan (McGlutton), Seaman, 12/24
James McGuire, Marine, 16/21
Thomas McGuire, Landsman, 16/0
John McKnight, Seaman, 18/0
John McQuill (McGill), Landsman, 10/36
Jonathan Merry, Gunner’s Mate, 6/64, Pensioner
John Middleton, Landsman, 16/91
Mr. William Miller, Rate Unknown, 0/79
Mr. Joseph Millies (Mellies), Midshipman, 5/29
Edward Millii, Marine, 20/0, Died at Providence 4/21/1783
Joshua Missick (Messick), Gunner’s Crew, 7/74
Thomas Mitchell (Mitchall), Seaman, 14/60
William Moody, Seaman, 7/56
Antonio Moore, Marine, 18/0
Charles Moone (Moon), Marine, Corporal of Marines, 11/39
Alpheus Morgan, Marine, 11/58
Henry Morgan, Landsman, 20/0
Mr. William Morris, Lieutenant of Marines, 5/15
Francis Moses (Moisan), Seaman, 14/84
Christopher Mossier (Mossieux), Marine, 9/67, Died at New London 6/3/1782
Richard Mullinex (Mollineux), Landsman, 9/33
John Murphy, Landsman, 20/0
James Murphy, Rate Unknown, 0/23
Peter Murry, Landsman, 10/34
John Naglee (Negly), Gunner’s Crew, 7/26, Died at New London 5/31/1782
William Nelson (Nellson), Seaman, 12/49, Died at sea 1/15/1782
John Newsom, Seaman, 20/0
Nicholas Newton, Seaman, 8/29
Edward Norton, Seaman, 19/0
John O’Bryan (Obrian), Ordinary, 13/74
Joseph O’Bryan (Obrian), Landsman, 15/85
William O’Bryan, Seaman (refer to Harding Ward), 7/0
David O’Herron (O’Herren), Landsman, 10/38
Alexander Orr, Rate Unknown, 0/75
Samuel Orr, Landsman, 10/55
Hugh Osborne (Osburne), Marine,12/37, Pensioner
Peleg Osborne (Osburne), Marine, 11/37, Died at New London 6/6/1782
Thomas Osborne (Osburne), Marine, 11/37, Pensioner
William Osborne (Osburne), Marine, 11/37, Died at New London 6/17/1782
Timothy Osipoff, Seaman, 18/0
James Owens (Owen), 2nd Boatswain’s Mate, 6/61, Pensioner
Mr. Josiah Owens, Master’s Mate, 5/20
Thaddeus Pailing (Thadeus Parlin), Marine, 10/62
Nathaniel Paine (Payne), Seaman, 14/80, Died at New London 6/14/1782
Matthew Parke, Captain of Marines, 5/0, Arrested at L’Orient 11/25/1782
Myal Pass, Landsman, 19/0
Charles Patrick, Seaman, 20/0
John Payne, Landsman, 14/0
Jonathan Pease, Rate Unknown, 0/78
Christopher Pelanque, Rate Unknown, 0/46
Jacquis Andrew Penaca, Rate Unknown, 0/43
Iffe Perant, Rate Unknown, 0/44
Jeremiah Perry, Ordinary, 14/85
Enos Peters, Landsman, 15/0, Died at L’Orient 12/4/1782
James Peters, Landsman, 15/88
Thomas Pie, Boy, 20/0
Samuel Pitman, Landsman, 15/95
Joseph Plaussit (Plaussut), Rate Unknown, 0/47
Edward Poine (Pine), Landsman, 10/69
Samuel Pook, Boy, 20/0
Pierre Pomier, Rate Unknown, 0/45
John Powers, Boy, 17/0
John Pratt, Seaman, 9/27
Pierre Prost, Rate Unknown, 0/44
Michael Quin, Rate Unknown, 0/16
Francis Quelaudrin, Rate Unknown, 0/41
Thomas Ramsey (Ramsy), Landsman, 14/91
Joseph Ransford (Rainesford), Fifer, 8/63, Pensioner
Robert Ransom, Landsman, 15/86
Mr. John Rath, Rate Unknown, 0/101
John Redman, Seaman, 20/0
John Reeves, Landsman, 15/102
Jean Renaud, Rate Unknown, 0/42
Joseph Reyer, Rate Unknown, 0/42
Rufus Reynolds, Marine, 15/0
David Rice 1st, Seaman, 8/69
David Rice 2nd, Acting Midshipman, 6/76, Pensioner
Thomas Richardson, Gun Crew, 19/0
William Richardson, Landsman, 11/87
Francis Ricow, Marine, 18/0
Christopher Ripley (Riply), Boy, 14/96
James Roath, Seaman, 19/0
Benjamin Roberts, Landsman, 10/35
John Roberts, Seaman, 8/38
Nathaniel Rogers, Landsman, 11/34
Thomas Robeson (Robertson, Robinson), Seaman, 7/52
John Roper, Marine, 8/64, Died at sea 3/22/1782
Philip Roser, Landsman, 18/0
Isaac Royall, Marine, 8/58
William Rugg, Landsman, 15/94
John Salvatore, Landsman, 19/0
Robert Samples, Seaman, 12/54, Died at sea 3/30/1782
Louis Sardait, Rate Unknown, 0/45
Josiah Sawyer, Seaman, 17/0
John Scott, Seaman, 8/33
William Scurry (Skurry), Landsman, 9/38
John Sears, Corporal of Marines, Marine, 11/38
Joseph Secorra, Seaman, 12/0
Mr. Nathaniel Service, Sailmaker, 6/67, Pensioner
Patrick Shea, Landsman, 13/81
John Silsby, Landsman, 20/0
Thomas Sweetser (Sweetzer), Seaman, 8/56
Eose a. Sinet, Rate Unknown, 0/43
Robert Sinnett, Landsman, 13/82
Robert Smallpiece, Rate Unknown, 0/81
Edward Smith, Seaman, 19/0
Hugh Smith, Master’s Mate, Acting Lieutenant, 6/0
John Smith, Landsman, 20/99
John Smith 1st, Landsman, 15/0
Robert Smith, Boy, 20/0
Thomas Smith, Ordinary,13/71
Theophilus Soper, Acting Midshipman, 6/68
Lawton Spencer, Landsman, 17/0, Pensioner
Sebastian Spine, Seaman, 19/0
Mr. Simon Sprague, Acting Midshipman, 6/29
William Stanly (Stanlay), Rate Unknown, 15/92
(Jeremiah) Jerry Stanton, Landsman, 9/34
Joseph Stelle, Rate Unknown, 0/46
(Jeffry) Jepthar Stevens, Boy, 9/21
(Even) Evan Stevenson, Seaman, 12/32
Daniel Steward (Stewart), Carpenter’s Crew, Carpenter’s Mate, 9/25
Robert Stout, Seaman, 13/80
John Stroband (Strobun), Seaman, 12/22, Died at sea 3/30/1782
John Tarr, Gunner’s Crew, 7/78
John Taylor, Marine, 10/58
Robert Taylor, Seaman, 8/20
John Thompson, Seaman, 12/23
Thomas Thompson, Seaman, 9/39
Warren Torrey (Torry), Marine, 11/39, Died at sea 4/28/1782
John Trepon (Trippon), Marine, 16/88
Joseph Trippet (Trippett), Marine, 16/93
Julien Turbort, Rate Unknown, 0/40
Elisha Turner, Marine, 11/71
William Turner, Seaman, 7/32
John Turril (Tirrell), Marine, 11/72
Antonio Ugo (Antony, Anthony Ujo), Seaman, 7/18
John Varran, Boy, 19/0
Nicholas Vaselief, Seaman, 18/0
Nathanial Veal (Nathaniel Vail), Marine, 12/20
Pierre Villard, Rate Unknown, 0/41
Etienne Villemance (Villemanse), Rate Unknown, 0/47
Peter Augustin Vivier, Rate Unknown, 0/41
Samuel Vose, Landsman, 7/77
John Wakeland, Marine, 10/31
Ephraim Wales, Rate Unknown, 0/83
Harding Ward, Rate Unknown, 0/50 (alias William O’Bryan)
Nathaniel Ward, Landsman, 13/76
Francis Wasyman, Seaman, 19/0
James Webber, Landsman, 20/0
Benjamin Welsh (Welch), Boy, 9/67
Ebenezer Welsh, Cooper, 6/49
Hezekiah Welsh, Lieutenant, 5/0
Mr. James Welch, Gunner, 5/27
John Welsh (Welch), Boy, 11/87
Ebenezer Wilham (Whitham), Landsman, 14/86
John Williams 1st, Seaman, 8/28
John Williams 2nd, Seaman, 13/78, Died at L’Orient 3/4/1782
John Williams 3 rd, Landsman, 16/0
Solomon Williams, Landsman, 17/90
Thomas Williams, 1st, Seaman, 11/51
Thomas Williams 2nd, Seaman, 11,92
William Williams, Landsman, 10/70
James Wilson (Willson), Seaman, 14/103
Moses Wilson, Landsman, 20/0
Peter Wilson (Willson), Landsman, 8/25
Michael Wingham, Landsman, 16/0, Died at L’Orient 11/20/1782
Ebenezer Whitaker, Seaman, 20/0
Cornelius Woodbury, Seaman, 19/0
Frederick Woodsyht, Marine, 19/0, Died at Providence 4/1/1783
John Wright, Sergeant of Marines, 16/93
Samuel Wright, Carpenter’s Crew, 7/55
William Wyatt (Wyett), Seaman, 15/93
Vincent Wymodisol (Wymondchole), Landsman, 9/51

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