List of Officers and Men of the ship Ariel (Sept 1780)

List of Officers and Men of the ship Ariel (Sept 1780). The List of Officers & Men belonging to the Ship of War Ariel, Commanded by the Honorable John Paul Jones, Esq 23 September 1780 located in Box XII of the Benjamin Franklin Papers at the University of Pennsylvania was transcribed by Joseph Ross in 2011. This list of 118 men closely parallels the undated List of Officers & Men belonging to the American Continental Ship of War Ariel, Commanded by the Honorable John Paul Jones, Esq published in The logs of the Serapis- Alliance- Ariel edited by John Sanford Barnes (1911) with subtle differences. Included in Box XII of the Franklin Papers are two other lists associated with the ship Ariel: an undated list of 72 French volunteers and another undated List of Officers & Men belonging to the Ship of War Ariel which includes substantial changes in the crew of the 23 September 1780 list, 37 French volunteers and ten “Gentleman Passengers.” An Alphabetical List of Officers and Men of the Ship Ariel (1780) derived from this list will be located shortly on this website and will offer alternate spellings of names (in parenthesis) to assist internet browsing.

Richard Dale, 1st Lieutenant
Henry Lunt, 2nd Lieutenant
Samuel Stacey, Master
Matthew Maise, Purser
Amos Windship, Surgeon
John Frankford, Master’s Mate
Thomas Potter, Midshipman
Beaumont Groube, Midshipman
Nathaniel Fanning, Midshipman
Joseph Hitchburn, Midshipman
Arthur Robinson, Midshipman
John Peacock, Surgeon’s Mate
Abigah Perkins, Surgeon’s Mate
Jonathan Wheeler, Gunner
John Gunnison, Carpenter
John Bourbanks, Master at Arms
Edward Garrett, Boatswain’s Mate
Martin Shaw, Boatswain’s Mate
William Roberts, Cooper
John Yates, Gunner’s Mate
Preserved Syssel, Gunner’s Mate
John Woulton, Quarter Master
Valentine Strong, Quarter Master
Elijah Johnson, Quarter Gunner
John Down, Quarter Gunner
William Clarke, Quarter Gunner
Thomas Austin, Quarter Gunner
Thomas Knight, Carpenter’s Mate
John Handrahan, Carpenter’s Mate
William Priest, Carpenter’s Mate
Edward Cooney, Seaman
William Poole, Seaman
Benjamin Stubbs, Seaman
Laurence Furlong, Seaman
John Brown, Seaman
Andrew Ryan, Seaman
William Lee, Seaman
Daniel Willot, Seaman
John Wilson, Seaman
John Mosey, Seaman
Gerlano Bairdo, Seaman
Antonia Sprunge, Seaman
Pedro Ambrogue, Seaman
Antonio Maringay, Seaman
Augustino Martino, Seaman
Bernardo Jo Vera, Seaman
Thomas Golligan, Seaman
Richard Stevens, Seaman
Louis Groa, Seaman
John Obrey, Seaman
Joseph Antoine, Seaman
Aaron Goodwin, Ordinary Seaman
George Johnston, Ordinary Seaman
Samuel Matthews, Ordinary Seaman
Daniel Swain, Ordinary Seaman
John Rudderford, Ordinary Seaman
Peter Nuddle, Ordinary Seaman
Richard Wilson, Ordinary Seaman
John Hattin, Ordinary Seaman
John Ungey, Ordinary Seaman
Lewis Leonard, Ordinary Seaman
Dominique Portse, Ordinary Seaman
Michael McGraw, Ordinary Seaman
Joseph Moreaux, Ordinary Seaman
Lewis Martin, Ordinary Seaman
Jacob Henry, Ordinary Seaman
John Thomas, Ordinary Seaman
Amos Wait, Ordinary Seaman
John Martin, Ordinary Seaman
Joanna Cushero, Ordinary Seaman
Jeane Romaine, Ordinary Seaman
John Thompson, Landsman
William McCullock, Landsman
Charles Riley, Landsman
John Warren, Landsman
Isaiah Jordan, Landsman
Nicholas Colwell, Landsman
Lewis Partillo, Landsman
Alexander Mayson, Landsman
Vincent Marque, Landsman
Pier Villerot, Landsman
Guillam Langlois, Landsman
Noehauless, Landsman
Samuel Getchel, Boy
John Wier, Boy
John Dupee, Boy
Samuel Grey, Boy
John Duffy, Boy
John Hackett, Boy
Elijah Middleton, Boy
William Ears, Boy
Charles Glover, Boy, Captain’s Clerk
John Gilbrin, Boy
Juba Luce, Boy
John Mai, Boy
Joseph Cushon, Boy
Samuel Hammon, Boy
Aaron Burges, Boy
Jacque Blorgue, Boy
Joseph Coverdavait, Boy
James McKinsey, Cripple
John Jordan, Cripple
Joseph Brusen, Cripple
Charles Priley, Servant
Charles Steward, Servant
Abraham Murtell, Servant
Antony Jeremy, Servant
John Dailey, Surgeon’s Mate, Deserted
Jonathan Lander, Midshipman, Deserted
John Chester, Carpenter, Deserted
Daniel Russel, Steward, Deserted
Pier Looby, Seaman, Deserted
Harry Tommy, Seaman, Deserted
Francis Lambert, Seaman, Deserted
James Mahaney, Seaman, Deserted
James Chester, Seaman, Deserted
Andrew Markhouse, At the Hospital
Francois Bullion, At the Hospital

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