Roll of the Officers and Men of the Frigate Alliance (Oct 1779)

Roll of the Officers and Men of the Frigate Alliance (Oct 1779). The Roll of the Officers and Crew of the Frigate Alliance, Captain Peter Landais, October 3d, 1779 is derived from the list of 214 men that appears on pages 146-148 of the Life and character of the Chevalier John Paul Jones authored by John Henry Sherburne (1825). Sherburne does not reference the repository of this roll. This roll was taken on the day after the frigate Alliance sailed into Texel, the deepwater port of Amsterdam, in company with the crippled Serapis under the command of John Paul Jones. The Serapis was captured just ten days prior in a celebrated but bloody engagement with the Bonhomme Richard. Shortly after this roll was taken, Landais was relieved of his command by Jones who took the Alliance as his own vessel until his return to France. The list has been annotated to include position on the ship if known and offers alternate spellings of names (in parenthesis) to assist internet browsing.

Peter Landais, Captain
James Degges, 1st Lieutenant
John Buckley, 2nd Lieutenant
James Linds, 3rd Lieutenant
John Lachar, Master
Arnold Winship, Surgeon
John Swain,
Arthur Robinson,
John Patten,
Thomas White,
Nathaniel Watson,
Alexander Moore,
James Logham,
Freight Arnold,
Park, Captain of Marines
Thomas Ehlenwood, 1st Lieutenant of Marines
James Warren, 2nd Lieutenant of Marines
Thomas Hinsdale, 2nd Master’s Mate
Thomas Fitzgerald, 3rd Master’s Mate
Lewis Larchard, 4th Master’s Mate
Isaac Carr, Master Sail-Maker
James Bragg, Master Carpenter
John Green, Carpenter’s Mate
James Peter, Gunner’s Mate
John Orr, 2nd Gunner’s Mate
Chauncey Wheeler, 3rd Gunner’s Mate
Alexander Darling, Boatswain
Thomas Taylor, 2nd Boatswain’s Mate
John Epet, 3rd Boatswain’s Mate
Joseph Frederick, 4th Boatswain’s Mate
Robert Embleton, Quarter Master
Jacob Nuttar, Quarter Master
George Fenwick, Quarter Master
James Buright, Seaman
George Cock, Seaman
James IHaslam, Seaman
John Doyle, Seaman
George Allen, Seaman
John Wethabe, Seaman
Joseph Plumer, Seaman
John Wire, Seaman
John Carebis, Seaman
John Sadler, Seaman
James Richardson, Seaman
Evan Evans, Seaman
Thomas Luce, Seaman
John Dickson, Seaman
James Rody, Seaman
Thomas Chase, Seaman
John Pall, Seaman
John Morrow, Seaman
William Shackford, Seaman
James Forrester, Seaman
Gardner Hammond, Seaman
Samuel Platt, Seaman
Charles iisbert, Seaman
Edward Flinn, Seaman
James Chester, Seaman
Thomas Duane, Seaman
Samuel Dale, Seaman
Jacob Arnold, Seaman
John M’Lean, Seaman
John Neale, Seaman
John Graves, Seaman
John Fitzgerald, Seaman
Richard Hughes, Seaman
Peter Lunt, Seaman
John Downing, Seaman
Joseph Choat, Seaman
John Thomas, Seaman
Jeremiah Perry, Seaman
John Shalf, Seaman
Stephen Turner, Seaman
Joseph Poor, Seaman
Daniel Hancock, Seaman
Samuel Nach, Seaman
Robert Smith, Seaman
John Collington, Seaman
Richard Woodron, Seaman
John Davis, Seaman
John Simpson, Seaman
Kirtland Griffing, Seaman
Charles Brown, Seaman
Henry Nalander, Seaman
John Jones, Seaman
John Diraud, Seaman
Peter Greenwood, Seaman
James Whitney, Seaman
Juba Blodgett, Seaman
Samuel Gray, Seaman
Zadock Bell, Seaman
John Fraker, Seaman
David Iron, Seaman
Patrick Martin, Seaman
John M’Gaham, Seaman
Alexander Augist, Seaman
William Barrett, Seaman
Jacob Wendel, Seaman
Thomas Bolton, Seaman
Prince Pattison, Seaman
John Sorry, Seaman
Jacob Wendel, Jr., Seaman
Owen Hewitt, Seaman
Abraham Bradley, Seaman
Thomas Jones, Seaman
Robert Calder, Seaman
Owen Rues, Seaman
Lewis Russel, Seaman
Samuel Gethel, Seaman
Benjamin Carr, Seaman
Walter Dumphy, Seaman
John Kelly, Seaman
Juba Bourne, Seaman
Michael Lyons, Seaman
Henry Callaghan, Seaman
Gibman Wails, Seaman
Elisha Ozal, Seaman
Zachariah Rodgers, Seaman
Joseph Scudman, Seaman
Ebenezer Brown, Seaman
Moses Stocking, Seaman
Nathan Dolter, Seaman
Richard Mowbray, Seaman
William Laper, Seaman
John Watkins, Seaman
Joseph Still, Seaman
John Cochran, Seaman
Hugh Fleming, Seaman
John Leggins, Seaman
Thomas Malony, Seaman
Archibald Martin, Seaman
Daniel Moncor, Seaman
James Fearam, Seaman
Thomas Bayley, Seaman
John Blean, Seaman
John Smith, Seaman
Robert Hamilton, Seaman
William Scott, Seaman
John Kelly, Seaman
William Neale, Seaman
John Lake, Seaman
Arthur Bennett, Seaman
William Taylor, Seaman
Joseph Shillaber, Seaman
Alexander Galoway, Seaman
Richard Pricand, Seaman
James Heath, Seaman
Pheones Baker, Seaman
Andrew Witham, Seaman
David Jackson, Seaman
Thomas Andrews, Seaman
Daniel Knight, Seaman
John Ambrose, Seaman
James Brown, Seaman
Barry Clarke, Seaman
Ebenezer Edwards, Seaman
Samuel Wall, Seaman
Ozere Hone, Seaman
Samuel Rodgers, Seaman
Joseph Batter, Seaman
Richard Parish, Seaman
Thomas Walsh, Seaman
Benjamin Taylor, Seaman
James Bounds, Seaman
William M’Cassett, Seaman
John Kennedy, Seaman
Thomas Cox, Seaman
John Mayne, Seaman
John Hannibal, Seaman
George Skipper, Seaman
Asher Cranded, Seaman
Peter Lyons, Seaman
Charles Ross, Seaman
John Kirks, Seaman
Samuel Lambert, Seaman
Henry Wrightington, Seaman
Richard Lunt, Seaman
Benjamin Youlin, Seaman
William Patton, Seaman
Nathaniel Warner, Seaman
William Brown, Seaman
Henry Wilson, Seaman
Stephen Rodgers, Seaman
Moses Hilton, Seaman
Luther Breck, Seaman
John Adams, Seaman
Ephraim Clark, Seaman
Abraham Simmonds, Seaman
Edward Jarvis, Seaman
Daniel Nicholson, Seaman
Samuel Carroll, Seaman
David Hoye, Seaman
Joseph Stricker, Seaman
John Dalson, Seaman
John Diamond, Seaman
Zachariah Bassett, Seaman
Paul Noyes, Seaman
Robert Ellis, Seaman
Alexander Libby, Seaman
Nathan Blodgett, Secretary
Samuel Guild, Surgeon’s Mate
James Daly, Surgeon’s Mate
John Holeky, Surgeon’s Mate
Shipman Bangs, Clerk
Fitz Pool, Clerk
Ebenezer Pild, Armourer
Chase Rodgers, Unknown
Benjamin Bowers, Unknown
Peter Adams, Cook
Michael Baptist, Cook
John Farman, 1st Sergeant of Marines
Alexander Ogden, 2nd Sergeant of Marines
Matthew Ingram, Volunteer
John Spencer, Volunteer

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