Alphabetical Partial Roll of the Crew of the Frigate Confederacy (Nov 1780)

Alphabetical Partial Roll of the Crew of the Frigate Confederacy (Nov 1780). The Alphabetical Roll of the Crew of the U.S. Frigate Confederacy from Letter of Attorney of Nov. 3, 1780 is derived from the list of 209 officers and men that appears on pages 438 and 439 of “The Era: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Literature and of General Interest “ published by Henry T. Coates & Company (1901). The list was originally transcribed and contributed by William M. Mervine of Philadelphia on 30 April 1901. Although, Mervine does not reference the repository of this crew list clues can be found in another magazine note attributed to Mervine entitled “Sundry Notes from Letters of Attorney Regarding Sailors of the Revolution.” This reference led to the rediscovery of the list on 10 April 2015 by Joseph Ross in Exemplification Book 11 of the early deed books of the City of Philadelphia where a number of powers of attorneys are recorded for individuals and crews of Revolutionary War private armed ships.

Unfortunately, the records do not include sought-after crew lists for either the Continental Navy frigate Randolph or sloop Saratoga, both vessels having originated their cruise at Philadelphia and lost at sea. This particular Letter of Attorney is associated with Nathaniel Richards of New London, CT trading as Richards and Sands, attorneys representing the listed crew. Located in the Philadelphia City Archives at 3101 Market Street, the Confederacy’s crew list can be found at page 317 and following on Roll 6 of the microfilm records. The list has been edited to offer a complete spelling of the abbreviated Christian name and offers alternate spellings of names (in parenthesis) in order to assist internet browsing. The list also includes a full description of quality or rate on the ship only abbreviated in the original.

William McKinley Mervine was a noted Philadelphia genealogist, member of the Lancaster County Historical Society, member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, an officer in the Swedish Colonial Society, a member of Sons of the Revolution of Pennsylvania, Board Manager of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania and editor of a number of family histories. Son of William M. Mervine, Esq. of Milton, PA and Elizabeth Shaw King of Philadelphia, William M. Mervine died at the age of forty on 11 October 1914.

John Aitkins. Seaman
Charles Attmore, Boy
William Barbom, Midshipman
Joseph Bartram, Midshipman
Ivory Basset, Marine
Joshua Beebe, Landsman
Benjamin Beyle, Seaman
Gurdon Bill, 2nd Lieutenant of Marines
Cato Black, Marine
John Bowlin, Barber
John Brady, Marine
Michael Brady, Seaman
Jesse Brew (Breed), Volunteer
James Brien, Seaman
John Brian, Landsman
John Brian, Marine
Aaron Brooks, Marine
Charles Brooks, Seaman
John Brown, Boy
Marrit (Merrit) Brown, Seaman
Thomas Brown, Marine
John Bucks, Seaman
Joshua Buffum, Seaman
Francis Burridge, Landsman
Alexander Burt, Landsman
James Campbell, Boy
William Cannady, Marine
Thomas Carleton, Landsman
John Carroll, Marine
John Cary, Boy
William Cassady, Marine
Brittan Chapman, Midshipman
Elnathan Chaspilla, Marine
Henry Christy, Sergeant of Marines
Edward Cleaveland, Landsman
Samuel Coal, Marine
John Coffin, Boy
John Cohanting, Marine
Thomas Collet, Marine
Samuel Collins, Marine
James Collings, Master’s Mate
John Conally, Marine
Philip Connel, Marine
Robert Connor, Boy
Philip Cornay, Marine
James Creighton, Marine
William Crispin, Carpenter’s Crew
Levy Culon (Culver), Marine
James Daily, Marine
Samuel Davis, Acting Surgeon’s Mate
Thomas Davis, Boy
Eleazor Derby, Gunner
James Devean, Boy
Poat Doan, Seaman
Nathan Dorsey, Surgeon
Robert Douglas, Master-at-Arms
Ebenezer Downs, Marine
Peter Doyle, Landsman
Asa Dursey, Boy
Thomas Eagan. Volunteer
James Emanuel, Seaman
Anthony Eskett, Marine
Lewis Evans, Carpenter’s Mate
John Freeman, Marine
Jonah Frisbie (Prisbie), Master’s Mate
James Gallard, Cook
Edward Gilbertson, Landsman
William Glankland, Seaman
Francis Glaughland, Marine
William E. Godfrey, Gunner’s Yeoman
Andrew Gordon, Marine
James Gordon, Marine
Abel Gore, Master’s Mate
John Gournass. Seaman
William Gout, Marine
Mathias Graff, Boatman
Ebenezer Greenough, Seaman
Stephen Gregory, 3rd Lieutenant
George Griffett, Seaman
Simon Gross, 1st Lieutenant
John Haley, Landsman
William Hamilton, Boy
Josiah Hand, Marine
Seth Harding, Commander
Joseph Hardy, Captain of Marines
John Hart, Seaman
George Haughton, Landsman
Peter Haynes, Drummer
Thomas Haynyton, Seaman
Benjamin Haszard, Volunteer
Conrad Hoffman, Marine
Samuel Holt, 1st Lieutenant of Marines
Jesse Hunt, Landsman
T. (Turtle) Hunter, Seaman
John Jack, Seaman
Robert Jackson, Gunner’s Mate
John James, Seaman
Jacob Johns, Landsman
Joseph Johnson (Johnston), Quartermaster
Samuel Johnson (Johnston), Gunner
John Jones #1, Seaman
John Jones #2, Seaman
Theo. Jurinson, Marine
Richard Keen, Boatswain’s Mate
Peter Kelly, Seaman
John Knight, Seaman
Jedidiah Knox, Seaman
Garwin Kolly, Boatswain’s Mate
Samuel Laboghom (Laboyteaux), Midshipman
Francis Lain, Marine
John Lally, Landsman
Charles Land, Sergeant of Marines
Henry Land, Surgeon’s Mate
David Latham, Volunteer
John Lawrence, Captain’s Clerk
Caleb Ledyard, Volunteer
Richard Lee, Marine
Ezekiel Letts, Cabin Steward
John Linton, Seaman
Ezekiel Littleside, Coxswain
Philip Loud, Seaman
Ezekiel Lyons, Cooper
John Maning (Manning), Marine
James Martin, Boatswain
James Maxwell, Marine
John Maxwell, Steward’s Mate
James McCawen, Seaman
Patrick McCollister, Marine
Daniel McDonald, Landsman
Henry McGinnis, Landsman
Titus Mendo, Landsman
George Montgomery, Marine
John Montgomery, Seaman
Thomas Moore, Carpenter
Rich (Rial) Moorehouse, Midshipman
Potter Morris, Boy
James Moylan, Seaman
John Mullins, Landsman
Patrick Murfey, Marine
Brian Murphy (Murphey), Carpenter’s Crew
Cale Myers, Marine
Jack Negro, Boy
William Neil, Seaman
Henry Norris, Boy
Robert Norris, Marine
William Nourse (Nourte), Midshipman
Patrick O‘Harra, Marine
John Parker, Seaman
Israel Phillips, Marine
David Phipps, 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas Pilkington, Seaman
James Pim (Pine), Seaman
Thomas Powell, Seaman
Benjamin Ramstraw (Ramshaw), Seaman
Edward Randall, Landsman
Lawley Randall, Master’s 2nd Mate
James Richards, Acting Midshipman
John Rigby, Seaman
Joseph Rigow, Boy
John Riley, Marine
Philip Riley, Marine
George Robertson, Seaman
John Robertson, Steward
Q. Robertson, Marine
James Ross, Seaman
John Ross, Seaman
Benjamin Rothrock, Armourer
Patrick Roulan, Marine
John Royer (Roger), Master’s Mate
John Sachell, Boy
Samuel Salmon, Seaman
William Sandwich, Marine
Christopher Scott, Seaman
Patrick Shannon, Carpenter’s Crew
Daniel Shellinger, Volunteer
William Shle, Landsman
John Shover, Marine
Jesse Sipe, Boy
Jack Smith, Marine
John Smith, Mariner
William Smith, Marine
Thomas Spencer, Barber
John Srider, Landsman
William Stanley, Marine
John Steel, Seaman
William Steward, Carpenter’s Crew
John Sweney, Marine
John Tanner, Sailing Master
John Taylor. Landsman
Jacob Tobin, Seaman
David Thomas, Seaman
John Trevor, Seaman
John Tomson, Seaman
Frederick Trumel, Seaman
Samuel Walker, Quartermaster
Robert Warnick, Boy
Bassoll Warrin, Marine
John Whatson, Seaman
Lloyd Wharton, Acting Midshipman
Thomas Wharton, Seaman
Conrad Wilkins, Boy
John Wilkins, Seaman
John Williams, Marine
William Wills, Carpenter’s Crew
Edward Wood, Boy
Thomas Woods, Marine
John Young, Midshipman
Thomas Young, Seaman
Henry Younger, Marine

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