HMS Richmond Muster Roll of Virginia Men (April 1778)

This List of 30 Officers and Men of the Frigate Virginia captured on 31 March 1778 and entered on the muster of HMS Richmond (ADM 36/7833) on 1 April 1778 was transcribed at the National Archives in Kew, England by Joseph and Joshua Ross in February 2014. All were subsequently entered on the muster of HMS St. Albans on 13 April 1778 which carried the remaining prisoners not exchanged on 11 April 1778 to New York City where they were distributed among the prison ships Judith, Preston and Thunder Bomb.

The 30-gun Continental frigate Virginia (James Nicholson) was taken without a fight on Tuesday 31 March 1778 by British frigates Emerald and Richmond after losing her rudder and running aground in the Chesapeake Bay while attempting to evade the enemy. According to Emerald’s Captain Benjamin Caldwell, the frigate Richmond joined the Emerald at ten in the morning and “at Noon employed bringing the Prisoners onboard.” The Journal of Captain John Lewis Gidoin concurs with Caldwell’s account that the afternoon was spent with “Boats Empd [employed] bringing prisoners from the Virginia”. The day was also noted for the death of Richmond’s carpenter William Stubbs.

William Jackson
Richard Wisewau
John Lee
Jacob Fox
Timothy Burn
William Padeson
Boswell James
Philip Sovel
Daniel McDonald
John Langdon
Charles Fay
Aaron Williams
Joshua William Morgan
Walter Taylor
John Baptist Roberts
Peter duRask (Kask)
Jeremiah Brun
Frederick McDonald
Peter Fems
Joseph Day
John Jones
Isaac Pirris
Richards Watts
Joseph McGrigor
John Mathews
John King
Charles Endele
Joseph Jimes
Thomas Dunnick
Thomas Osoncoatt

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