Lexington Men at Mill Prison

Roll of Mill Prison, Plymouth, England 7 February 1779

The roll prisoners at Mill Prison in Plymouth, England dated 7 February 1779 is taken from pages 249 and 252-254 of “A Relic of the Revolution” (1847) by Charles Herbert. The following marks taken from his annotations denote (*) died, (+) escaped or (++) joined English men-of-war

Brigantine Lexington taken 19 September 1777

From Boston
Captain Henry Johnston +

From Ireland
David Welch +
Arthur Kirk +
John Kennedy ++
Thos. Choulston ++
John Hopes
William Lee
Robert Ford
William Riley
Phil. McLoughlan
James Haze ++
Thomas Bradley
John Barry +
James Dick
Joseph Coulston ++
John Howard ++
Thomas Welch ++
Nicholas Chaise ++
Thomas Marley ++
Nath’I. Brennon ++

From Philadelphia
Andrew Grace ++
James Shields ++
Daniel Fagan ++
Jacob Crawford
Thomas Harvey
Francis Colburn ++
David Clark ++
Henry Bakeley ++

From Virginia
Richard Deal +
Henry Lawrence

From Providence
George Thayer

From England
John Chester
Thomas Lines ++
Matthew Clear ++
John Videan ++
Samuel Williams ++
John Davis ++
Joseph Wolt ++
Benj’n. Richardson ++
Edward Hart ++

From Scotland
George Morrison
Joseph Kennigton *
John Stewart ++

From New London
Samuel Hobble

From New Jersey
Aaron Twigley ++

Lexington Prize taken April 1777 and Committed to Mill Prison June 1777

From Jersey
Nicholas Simpkin *

From Maryland
William Stearns

From England
Thomas Haley
Benjamin Lockett ++

From Philadelphia
William Lane

From Ireland
John Gordon ++

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